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High Efficiency Filter Cart for Oil, Diesel, Hydraulic Fluids – FKFC

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The 988 Filtakleen Cart is designed to filter oil to meet or exceed new oil cleanliness
specifications. The system is designed to remove particulate contamination
from engine and gear oils. The filter cartridges have a filtration rating of 2-micron
final at a NAS 6-7 filter efficiency. The viscosity range is 10-220 cSt @ 100.
The oil is drawn from a existing reservoir to the filtration system by means of a
self-priming positive displacement gear pump. The oil passes through the filter
housing before being discharged to the outlet, at which point it is pumped back to
the existing reservoir. Medium weight hydraulic hoses maybe provided with the
unit. If supplying your own hoses, please make sure they meet the flow and pressure
rating for the system.

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SKU: S7-FKFC075-2.8-778X2-V-S

Specs & Shipping Carton Weight/Dimensions

Weight125 lbs
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 in


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