Caterpillar Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Caterpillar Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Find your replacement filter…easy.

Sona Filtration offers high-quality replacements for many of today’s major brands like the cross-reference below for Caterpillar hydraulic filter elements, Caterpillar spin-on filters, Caterpillar return line filters, Caterpillar pressure filters, and Caterpillar high-flow elements, to name a few.   Our filters are engineered from state-of-the-art components and media that are tested to ISO 16889 and offer an economical alternative to the Caterpillar line of filters.  SONA makes it easy to eliminate downtime by offering thousands of filters for fast shipment from inventory. The cross-reference below shows many of the Caterpillar direct interchanges we offer, but there are too many to list, so follow the easy steps below to find what you need to start saving money.

1. Search by OEM part number in the search bar above, or
2. Search by Brand from the links below, or
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Caterpillar Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Caterpillar 1097293

Caterpillar 1200815

Caterpillar 1232873

Caterpillar 128-1180

Caterpillar 1432849

Caterpillar 1440832

Caterpillar 177-7375

Caterpillar 1E2377

Caterpillar 1H1230

Caterpillar 207-6870

Caterpillar 2096906

Caterpillar 2237809

Caterpillar 2266553

Caterpillar 243-6350

Caterpillar 28403

Caterpillar 284501

Caterpillar 284741

Caterpillar 285011

Caterpillar 342449

Caterpillar 3I0577

Caterpillar 3I0578

Caterpillar 3i0581

Caterpillar 3i0583

Caterpillar 3i0584

Caterpillar 3i0585

Caterpillar 3i0586

Caterpillar 3i0587

Caterpillar 3I0588

Caterpillar 3I0593

Caterpillar 3i0593

Caterpillar 3I0594

Caterpillar 3I0595

Caterpillar 3i0595

Caterpillar 3I0597

Caterpillar 3I0598

Caterpillar 3I0599

Caterpillar 3I0614

Caterpillar 3i0616

Caterpillar 3i0618

Caterpillar 3i0619

Caterpillar 3i0620

Caterpillar 3I0621

Caterpillar 3I0622

Caterpillar 3i0625

Caterpillar 3i0626

Caterpillar 3i0627

Caterpillar 3I0627

Caterpillar 3I0637

Caterpillar 3I0638

Caterpillar 3I0639

Caterpillar 3I0641

Caterpillar 3I0644

Caterpillar 3I0645

Caterpillar 3I0646

Caterpillar 3I0647

Caterpillar 3i0648

Caterpillar 3I0649

Caterpillar 3i0650

Caterpillar 3I0651

Caterpillar 3I0652

Caterpillar 3I0654

Caterpillar 3I0655

Caterpillar 3I0657

Caterpillar 3I0658

Caterpillar 3I0661

Caterpillar 3I0662

Caterpillar 3I0663

Caterpillar 3I0665

Caterpillar 3I0666

Caterpillar 3I0689

Caterpillar 3I0690

Caterpillar 3I0691

Caterpillar 3I0692

Caterpillar 3I0693

Caterpillar 3I0698

Caterpillar 3I0698

Caterpillar 3i0700

Caterpillar 3I0700

Caterpillar 3I0701

Caterpillar 3I0702

Caterpillar 3I0704

Caterpillar 3I0706

Caterpillar 3I0710

Caterpillar 3I0711

Caterpillar 3i0733

Caterpillar 3I1173

Caterpillar 3I1274

Caterpillar 3I1363

Caterpillar 3I1474

Caterpillar 3I1475

Caterpillar 3I1499

Caterpillar 3I1500

Caterpillar 3I1501

Caterpillar 3I1503

Caterpillar 3i1505

Caterpillar 3i1507

Caterpillar 3I1508

Caterpillar 3I1509

Caterpillar 3I1510

Caterpillar 3i1511

Caterpillar 3i1513

Caterpillar 3i1514

Caterpillar 3i1515

Caterpillar 3I1516

Caterpillar 3i1525

Caterpillar 3I1526

Caterpillar 3I1528

Caterpillar 3I1529

Caterpillar 3I1530

Caterpillar 3I1537

Caterpillar 3I1545

Caterpillar 3i1637

Caterpillar 3i1637

Caterpillar 3I1663

Caterpillar 3I1664

Caterpillar 3I1667

Caterpillar 3I1704

Caterpillar 3I1705

Caterpillar 3I1706

Caterpillar 3I1707

Caterpillar 3I1708

Caterpillar 3i1709

Caterpillar 3I1710

Caterpillar 3I1711

Caterpillar 3I1721

Caterpillar 3I1722

Caterpillar 3I1727

Caterpillar 3I1728

Caterpillar 3I1729

Caterpillar 3I1730

Caterpillar 3I1734

Caterpillar 3I1762

Caterpillar 3I1763

Caterpillar 3I1821

Caterpillar 3I1825

Caterpillar 3I1829

Caterpillar 3I1831

Caterpillar 3I1832

Caterpillar 3I1927

Caterpillar 3I1955

Caterpillar 3I2108

Caterpillar 3I2136

Caterpillar 3T8642

Caterpillar 4T6788

Caterpillar 541719

Caterpillar 6E5534

Caterpillar 6i-0384

Caterpillar 6N3382

Caterpillar 773058

Caterpillar 775479

Caterpillar 775795

Caterpillar 780651

Caterpillar 7R4568

Caterpillar 863940

Caterpillar 8C0450

Caterpillar 8J1600

Caterpillar 8J1660

Caterpillar 8T3821

Caterpillar 8T5549

Caterpillar 8T5550

Caterpillar 8T7474

Caterpillar 8T8524

Caterpillar 9J6472

Caterpillar 9T5664

Caterpillar 9T8578

Caterpillar 9T8678

Caterpillar 9U5870

Caterpillar 9U6983

Caterpillar 9U6984

Caterpillar 9Y4475