Fleetguard Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Fleetguard Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Find your replacement filter…easy.

Sona Filtration offers high-quality replacements for many of today’s major brands like the cross-reference below for Fleetguard hydraulic filter elements, Fleetguard spin-on filters, Fleetguard return line filters, Fleetguard pressure filters, and Fleetguard high-flow elements, to name a few.   Our filters are engineered from state-of-the-art components and media that are tested to ISO 16889 and offer an economical alternative to the Fleetguard line of filters.  SONA makes it easy to eliminate downtime by offering thousands of filters for fast shipment from inventory. The cross-reference below shows many of the Fleetguard direct interchanges we offer, but there are too many to list, so follow the easy steps below to find what you need to start saving money.

1. Search by OEM part number in the search bar above, or
2. Search from the links below, or
3. Send your part number to sales@sonafilter.com

Fleetguard Replacement Filter Cross-Reference
Fleetguard Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Fleetguard 382GDEV08

Fleetguard 3960GGEV13

Fleetguard FS19512

Fleetguard HF0733100

Fleetguard HF28690 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF28758

Fleetguard HF28761

Fleetguard HF28813

Fleetguard HF28939

Fleetguard HF28943

Fleetguard HF28991

Fleetguard HF30000

Fleetguard HF30001

Fleetguard HF30002

Fleetguard HF30003

Fleetguard HF30004

Fleetguard HF30006

Fleetguard HF30008

Fleetguard HF30009

Fleetguard HF30014

Fleetguard HF30021

Fleetguard HF30022

Fleetguard HF30024

Fleetguard HF30027

Fleetguard HF30028

Fleetguard HF30036

Fleetguard HF30037

Fleetguard HF30047

Fleetguard HF30054

Fleetguard HF30060

Fleetguard HF30062

Fleetguard HF30063

Fleetguard HF30065

Fleetguard HF30067

Fleetguard HF30068

Fleetguard HF30069

Fleetguard HF30070

Fleetguard HF30071

Fleetguard HF30072

Fleetguard HF30073

Fleetguard HF30074

Fleetguard HF30078

Fleetguard HF30083

Fleetguard HF30084

Fleetguard HF30085

Fleetguard HF30086

Fleetguard HF30107

Fleetguard HF30108

Fleetguard HF30112

Fleetguard HF30113

Fleetguard HF30114

Fleetguard HF30115

Fleetguard HF30116

Fleetguard HF30117

Fleetguard HF30118

Fleetguard HF30119

Fleetguard HF30123

Fleetguard HF30124

Fleetguard HF30131

Fleetguard HF30132

Fleetguard HF30133

Fleetguard HF30134

Fleetguard HF30135

Fleetguard HF30136

Fleetguard HF30142

Fleetguard HF30143

Fleetguard HF30144

Fleetguard HF30145

Fleetguard HF30146

Fleetguard HF30147

Fleetguard HF30148

Fleetguard HF30149

Fleetguard HF30150

Fleetguard HF30151

Fleetguard HF30152

Fleetguard HF30153

Fleetguard HF30154

Fleetguard HF30155

Fleetguard HF30156

Fleetguard HF30157

Fleetguard HF30158

Fleetguard HF30159

Fleetguard HF30181

Fleetguard HF30182

Fleetguard HF30184

Fleetguard HF30185

Fleetguard HF30195

Fleetguard HF30196 Hydraulic

Fleetguard HF30197 Hydraulic

Fleetguard HF30199

Fleetguard HF30200

Fleetguard HF30210

Fleetguard HF30221

Fleetguard HF30222

Fleetguard HF30234

Fleetguard HF30235

Fleetguard HF30236

Fleetguard HF30237

Fleetguard HF30238

Fleetguard HF30240

Fleetguard HF30241

Fleetguard HF30244

Fleetguard HF30245

Fleetguard HF30248

Fleetguard HF30249

Fleetguard HF30250

Fleetguard HF30251

Fleetguard HF30264

Fleetguard HF30265

Fleetguard HF30280

Fleetguard HF30281

Fleetguard HF30282

Fleetguard HF30285

Fleetguard HF30286

Fleetguard HF30287

Fleetguard HF30288

Fleetguard HF30289

Fleetguard HF30294

Fleetguard HF30295

Fleetguard HF30303

Fleetguard HF30308

Fleetguard HF30309

Fleetguard HF30310

Fleetguard HF30311

Fleetguard HF30312

Fleetguard HF30313

Fleetguard HF30314

Fleetguard HF30315

Fleetguard HF30316

Fleetguard HF30317

Fleetguard HF30321

Fleetguard HF30322

Fleetguard HF30325

Fleetguard HF30329

Fleetguard HF30330

Fleetguard HF30331

Fleetguard HF30332

Fleetguard HF30333

Fleetguard HF30334

Fleetguard HF30340

Fleetguard HF30341

Fleetguard HF30342

Fleetguard HF30343

Fleetguard HF30344

Fleetguard HF30345

Fleetguard HF30346

Fleetguard HF30347

Fleetguard HF30363

Fleetguard HF30364

Fleetguard HF30369

Fleetguard HF30370

Fleetguard HF30382

Fleetguard HF30383

Fleetguard HF30389

Fleetguard HF30390

Fleetguard HF30395

Fleetguard HF30396

Fleetguard HF30401

Fleetguard HF30402

Fleetguard HF30430

Fleetguard HF30431

Fleetguard HF30436

Fleetguard HF30437

Fleetguard HF30442

Fleetguard HF30443

Fleetguard HF30451

Fleetguard HF30452

Fleetguard HF30453

Fleetguard HF30454

Fleetguard HF30455

Fleetguard HF30456

Fleetguard HF30457

Fleetguard HF30458

Fleetguard HF30466

Fleetguard HF30467

Fleetguard HF30477

Fleetguard HF30479

Fleetguard HF30480

Fleetguard HF30508

Fleetguard HF30509

Fleetguard HF30510

Fleetguard HF30511

Fleetguard HF30514

Fleetguard HF30515

Fleetguard HF30516

Fleetguard HF30517

Fleetguard HF30518

Fleetguard HF30519

Fleetguard HF30524

Fleetguard HF30525

Fleetguard HF30544

Fleetguard HF30568

Fleetguard HF30569

Fleetguard HF30570

Fleetguard HF30571

Fleetguard HF30572

Fleetguard HF30573

Fleetguard HF30582

Fleetguard HF30583

Fleetguard HF30584

Fleetguard HF30585

Fleetguard HF30600

Fleetguard HF30601

Fleetguard HF30602

Fleetguard HF30603

Fleetguard HF30604

Fleetguard HF30605

Fleetguard HF30606

Fleetguard HF30607

Fleetguard HF30613

Fleetguard HF30634

Fleetguard HF30635

Fleetguard HF30640

Fleetguard HF30641

Fleetguard HF30642

Fleetguard HF30643

Fleetguard HF30644

Fleetguard HF30645

Fleetguard HF30668

Fleetguard HF30685

Fleetguard HF30686

Fleetguard HF30691

Fleetguard HF30692

Fleetguard HF30693

Fleetguard HF30697

Fleetguard HF30700

Fleetguard HF30710

Fleetguard HF30725

Fleetguard HF30728

Fleetguard HF30731

Fleetguard HF30739

Fleetguard HF30747

Fleetguard HF30765

Fleetguard HF30771

Fleetguard HF30779

Fleetguard HF30780

Fleetguard HF30795

Fleetguard HF30866

Fleetguard HF30867

Fleetguard HF30870

Fleetguard HF30871

Fleetguard HF30874

Fleetguard HF30875

Fleetguard HF30878

Fleetguard HF30879

Fleetguard HF30897

Fleetguard HF30904

Fleetguard HF30906

Fleetguard HF30908

Fleetguard HF30912

Fleetguard HF30916

Fleetguard HF30918

Fleetguard HF30920

Fleetguard HF30922

Fleetguard HF30924

Fleetguard HF35000

Fleetguard HF35011

Fleetguard HF35124

Fleetguard HF35125

Fleetguard HF35127

Fleetguard HF35134

Fleetguard HF35153

Fleetguard HF35159 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF35160 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF35161 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF35162 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF35163 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF35164 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF35165 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF35168 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF35170 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF35209

Fleetguard HF35210

Fleetguard HF35326

Fleetguard HF35344

Fleetguard HF6027

Fleetguard HF6063

Fleetguard HF6067

Fleetguard HF6109

Fleetguard HF6109

Fleetguard HF6110

Fleetguard HF6110

Fleetguard HF6111

Fleetguard HF6111

Fleetguard HF6113

Fleetguard HF6125

Fleetguard HF6130

Fleetguard HF6133

Fleetguard HF6135

Fleetguard HF6135

Fleetguard HF6136

Fleetguard HF6137

Fleetguard HF6138

Fleetguard HF6157

Fleetguard HF6163

Fleetguard HF6167

Fleetguard HF6167

Fleetguard HF6168

Fleetguard HF6215

Fleetguard HF6250 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF6253

Fleetguard HF6254 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF6255 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF6256 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF6257 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF6332

Fleetguard HF6343

Fleetguard HF6358

Fleetguard HF6389

Fleetguard HF6436

Fleetguard HF6439

Fleetguard HF6504

Fleetguard HF6505

Fleetguard HF6511

Fleetguard HF6521

Fleetguard HF6522

Fleetguard HF6532

Fleetguard HF6536

Fleetguard HF6538

Fleetguard HF6549

Fleetguard HF6591

Fleetguard HF6601

Fleetguard HF6603

Fleetguard HF6604

Fleetguard HF6606

Fleetguard HF6607

Fleetguard HF6612

Fleetguard HF6613

Fleetguard HF6625

Fleetguard HF6626

Fleetguard HF6631

Fleetguard HF6675

Fleetguard HF6676

Fleetguard HF6677

Fleetguard HF6678

Fleetguard HF6679

Fleetguard HF6680

Fleetguard HF6681

Fleetguard HF6682

Fleetguard HF6700

Fleetguard HF6703

Fleetguard HF6704

Fleetguard HF6706

Fleetguard HF6706

Fleetguard HF6707

Fleetguard HF6707

Fleetguard HF6710

Fleetguard HF6711

Fleetguard HF6712

Fleetguard HF6712

Fleetguard HF6713

Fleetguard HF6718

Fleetguard HF6720

Fleetguard HF6721

Fleetguard HF6725

Fleetguard HF6726

Fleetguard HF6730

Fleetguard HF6730

Fleetguard HF6731

Fleetguard HF6732

Fleetguard HF6735

Fleetguard HF6737

Fleetguard HF6749

Fleetguard HF6750

Fleetguard HF6753

Fleetguard HF6775

Fleetguard HF6776

Fleetguard HF6777

Fleetguard HF6778

Fleetguard HF6778

Fleetguard HF6779

Fleetguard HF6779

Fleetguard HF6780

Fleetguard HF6781

Fleetguard HF6782

Fleetguard HF6809

Fleetguard HF6861

Fleetguard HF7000

Fleetguard HF7000F

Fleetguard HF7001

Fleetguard HF7001F

Fleetguard HF7002

Fleetguard HF7002F

Fleetguard HF7003

Fleetguard HF7003F

Fleetguard HF7004

Fleetguard HF7004F

Fleetguard HF7005

Fleetguard HF7005F

Fleetguard HF7006

Fleetguard HF7006F

Fleetguard HF7007

Fleetguard HF7007F

Fleetguard HF7008

Fleetguard HF7008F

Fleetguard HF7009

Fleetguard HF7009F

Fleetguard HF7010

Fleetguard HF7010F

Fleetguard HF7011

Fleetguard HF7011F

Fleetguard HF7012

Fleetguard HF7012F

Fleetguard HF7013

Fleetguard HF7013F

Fleetguard HF7014

Fleetguard HF7014F

Fleetguard HF7015

Fleetguard HF7015F

Fleetguard HF7016

Fleetguard HF7016F

Fleetguard HF7017

Fleetguard HF7017F

Fleetguard HF7018

Fleetguard HF7018F

Fleetguard HF7019

Fleetguard HF7019F

Fleetguard HF7020

Fleetguard HF7020F

Fleetguard HF7021

Fleetguard HF7021F

Fleetguard HF7022

Fleetguard HF7022F

Fleetguard HF7023

Fleetguard HF7023F

Fleetguard HF7024

Fleetguard HF7024F

Fleetguard HF7025

Fleetguard HF7025F

Fleetguard HF7026

Fleetguard HF7026F

Fleetguard HF7027

Fleetguard HF7027F

Fleetguard HF7028

Fleetguard HF7029

Fleetguard HF7029F

Fleetguard HF7030

Fleetguard HF7030F

Fleetguard HF7031

Fleetguard HF7031F

Fleetguard HF7032

Fleetguard HF7032F

Fleetguard HF7033

Fleetguard HF7033F

Fleetguard HF7034

Fleetguard HF7034F

Fleetguard HF7035

Fleetguard HF7035F

Fleetguard HF7036

Fleetguard HF7036F

Fleetguard HF7037

Fleetguard HF7037F

Fleetguard HF7038

Fleetguard HF7038F

Fleetguard HF7039

Fleetguard HF7039F

Fleetguard HF7040

Fleetguard HF7040F

Fleetguard HF7041

Fleetguard HF7041F

Fleetguard HF7042

Fleetguard HF7042F

Fleetguard HF7043

Fleetguard HF7043F

Fleetguard HF7044

Fleetguard HF7044F

Fleetguard HF7045

Fleetguard HF7045F

Fleetguard HF7046

Fleetguard HF7046F

Fleetguard HF7047

Fleetguard HF7047F

Fleetguard HF7048

Fleetguard HF7051

Fleetguard HF7052

Fleetguard HF7052F

Fleetguard HF7053

Fleetguard HF7053F

Fleetguard HF7054

Fleetguard HF7054F

Fleetguard HF7055

Fleetguard HF7055F

Fleetguard HF7056

Fleetguard HF7057

Fleetguard HF7058

Fleetguard HF7059

Fleetguard HF7060

Fleetguard HF7061

Fleetguard HF7062

Fleetguard HF7063

Fleetguard HF7064

Fleetguard HF7065

Fleetguard HF7066

Fleetguard HF7067

Fleetguard HF7068

Fleetguard HF7069

Fleetguard HF7071

Fleetguard HF7072

Fleetguard HF7073

Fleetguard HF7074

Fleetguard HF7075

Fleetguard HF7076

Fleetguard HF7077

Fleetguard HF7077

Fleetguard HF7078

Fleetguard HF7078

Fleetguard HF7079

Fleetguard HF7080

Fleetguard HF7081

Fleetguard HF7081

Fleetguard HF7082

Fleetguard HF7082

Fleetguard HF7083

Fleetguard HF7084

Fleetguard HF7085

Fleetguard HF7085

Fleetguard HF7086

Fleetguard HF7087

Fleetguard HF7087

Fleetguard HF7088

Fleetguard HF7089

Fleetguard HF7089

Fleetguard HF7090

Fleetguard HF7091

Fleetguard HF7092

Fleetguard HF7093

Fleetguard HF7094

Fleetguard HF7095

Fleetguard HF7096

Fleetguard HF7097

Fleetguard HF7098

Fleetguard HF7099

Fleetguard HF7100

Fleetguard HF7101

Fleetguard HF7102 Hydraulic

Fleetguard HF7103

Fleetguard HF7104

Fleetguard HF7105

Fleetguard HF7106

Fleetguard HF7107

Fleetguard HF7108

Fleetguard HF7109

Fleetguard HF7110

Fleetguard HF7111

Fleetguard HF7121

Fleetguard HF7122

Fleetguard HF7123

Fleetguard HF7124

Fleetguard HF7127

Fleetguard HF7128

Fleetguard HF7129

Fleetguard HF7130

Fleetguard HF7131

Fleetguard HF7132

Fleetguard HF7331

Fleetguard HF7332

Fleetguard HF7338

Fleetguard HF7339

Fleetguard HF7403

Fleetguard HF7404

Fleetguard HF7407

Fleetguard HF7408

Fleetguard HF7411

Fleetguard HF7444 Suction Strainer

Fleetguard HF7448

Fleetguard HF7449

Fleetguard HF7450

Fleetguard HF7451

Fleetguard HF7464

Fleetguard HF7465

Fleetguard HF7466

Fleetguard HF7467

Fleetguard HF7468

Fleetguard HF7471

Fleetguard HF7472

Fleetguard HF7473

Fleetguard HF7473

Fleetguard HF7474

Fleetguard HF7475

Fleetguard HF7476

Fleetguard HF7477

Fleetguard HF7478

Fleetguard HF7479

Fleetguard HF7480

Fleetguard HF7481

Fleetguard HF7482

Fleetguard HF7483

Fleetguard HF7487

Fleetguard HF7487

Fleetguard HF7488

Fleetguard HF7489

Fleetguard HF7490

Fleetguard HF7491

Fleetguard HF7492

Fleetguard HF7493

Fleetguard HF7494

Fleetguard HF7495

Fleetguard HF7507

Fleetguard HF7508

Fleetguard HF7509

Fleetguard HF7510

Fleetguard HF7511

Fleetguard HF7514

Fleetguard HF7515

Fleetguard HF7516

Fleetguard HF7517

Fleetguard HF7518

Fleetguard HF7519

Fleetguard HF7520

Fleetguard HF7521

Fleetguard HF7524

Fleetguard HF7527

Fleetguard HF7528

Fleetguard HF7529

Fleetguard HF7530

Fleetguard HF7534

Fleetguard HF7556

Fleetguard HF7706

Fleetguard HF7724

Fleetguard HF7724

Fleetguard HF7725

Fleetguard HF7725

Fleetguard HF7767

Fleetguard HF7788

Fleetguard HF7792

Fleetguard HF7793

Fleetguard HF7794

Fleetguard HF7795

Fleetguard HF7796

Fleetguard HF7807

Fleetguard HF7809

Fleetguard HF7811

Fleetguard HF7814

Fleetguard HF7815

Fleetguard HF7834

Fleetguard HF7906

Fleetguard HF7960

Fleetguard HF7961

Fleetguard HF7983

Fleetguard HF7996

Fleetguard HF8064

Fleetguard HF8065

Fleetguard HF8066

Fleetguard HF8067

Fleetguard HF8068

Fleetguard HF8069

Fleetguard HF8071

Fleetguard HF8072

Fleetguard HF8073

Fleetguard HF8074

Fleetguard HF8076

Fleetguard HF8077

Fleetguard HF8078

Fleetguard HF8079

Fleetguard HF8091

Fleetguard HF8095

Fleetguard HF8264

Fleetguard HF8265

Fleetguard HF8266

Fleetguard HF8267

Fleetguard HF8268

Fleetguard HF8271

Fleetguard HF8272

Fleetguard HF8273

Fleetguard HF8274

Fleetguard HF8275

Fleetguard HF8276

Fleetguard HF8277

Fleetguard HF8278

Fleetguard HF8279

Fleetguard HF8291

Fleetguard HF8295

Fleetguard LF03660DR

Fleetguard LF03662DR

Fleetguard LF3318

Fleetguard LF3932

Fleetguard LF680

Fleetguard LF757

Fleetguard MPL-3518