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Sona Filtration offers high-quality replacements for many of today’s major brands of radial fin air intake filters.  Our filters are engineered from state-of-the-art components and media that’s tested to ISO 16889 and offer an economical solution.  SONA makes it easy to eliminate downtime by offering thousands of filters for fast shipment from inventory. 

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Radial Fin Air Intake Filter
Radial Fin Air Intake Filter

Buckeye 74-468K5

Caterpillar 128-1180

Caterpillar 177-7375

Caterpillar 207-6870

Caterpillar 243-6350

Caterpillar 6i-0384

Chicago 16-120M5

Chicago CFM 16-102M5

Chicago CFM DS20-102

Consler 10413K5

Consler 10416K5

Consler 10417K5

Consler 10419K5

Consler 10420K5

Consler 10429K5

Consler 10430K5

Consler 10431K5

Consler 10432K5

Consler 10433K5

Consler 10434K5

Consler 10435K5

Consler 10436K5

Consler 10445K5

Consler 11169K5

Consler 11859K5

Consler 13742K5

Consler 15376K5

Consler 15423K5

Consler 15425K5

Consler 15450K5

Consler CPL265E

Detroit Diesel 23508033

Dollinger 49-14K5

Dollinger 49-236K5

Dollinger 49-237K5

Dollinger 49-239K5

Dollinger 49-240K5

Dollinger 49-241K5

Dollinger 49-242K5

Dollinger 49-260K5

Dollinger 49-262K5

Dollinger 49-284K5

Dollinger 49-298K5

Dollinger 49-300K5

Dollinger 49-32K5

Dollinger 49-33K5

Dollinger 49-413K5

Dollinger 49-417K5

Dollinger 49-419K5

Dollinger 49-420K5

Dollinger 49-48K5

Dollinger 49-50K5

Dollinger 49-51K5

Dollinger 49-52K5

Dollinger 49-53K5

Dollinger 49-54K5

Dollinger 49-55K5

Dollinger 49-56K5

Dollinger 49-57K5

Dollinger 49-58K5

Dollinger 49-59K5

Dollinger 49-61K5

Dollinger 49-62K5

Dollinger 49-64K5

Dollinger 49-65K5

Dollinger 49-66K5

Donaldson P533930

Endustra 4014010005

Endustra 4032010005

Endustra 4033010005

Endustra 4048010005

Endustra 4050010005

Endustra 4051010005

Endustra 4052010005

Endustra 4053010005

Endustra 4054010005

Endustra 4055010005

Endustra 4056010005

Endustra 4057010005

Endustra 4058010005

Endustra 4059010005

Endustra 4061010005

Endustra 4062010005

Endustra 4064010005

Endustra 4065010005

Endustra 4066010005

Endustra 4236010005

Endustra 4237010005

Endustra 4239010005

Endustra 4240010005

Endustra 4241010005

Endustra 4242010005

Endustra 4260010005

Endustra 4262010005

Endustra 4284010005

Endustra 4298010005

Endustra 4300010005

Endustra 4413010005

Endustra 4417010005

Endustra 4419010005

Endustra 4420010005

Filter Engineering 12-350E-216

Filter Engineering 12-350E-219

Filter Engineering 12-350E-220

Filter Engineering 12-350E-231

Filter Engineering 12-350E-232

Filter Engineering 12-350E-233

Filter Engineering 12-350E-234

Filter Engineering 12-350E-235

Filter Engineering 12-350E-236

Filter Engineering 12-350E-293

Filter Engineering 12-350E-294

Filter Engineering 12-350E-296

Filter Engineering 12-350E-297

Filter Engineering 12-350E-343

Filter Engineering 12-350E-356

Filtr. Eng. 12-350E-213

Filtr. Eng. 12-350E-229

Filtr. Eng. 12-350E-230

Filtr. Eng. 12-350E-245

IFM CS22-5

IFM CS24-5

IFM CS26-5

IFM S14-5

IFM S236-5

IFM S237-5

IFM S239-5

IFM S240-5

IFM S241-5

IFM S242-5

IFM S260-5

IFM S262-5

IFM S284-5

IFM S298-5

IFM S300-5

IFM S32-5

IFM S33-5

IFM S413-5

IFM S417-5

IFM S419-5

IFM S420-5

IFM S48-5

IFM S50-5

IFM S51-5

IFM S52-5

IFM S53-5

IFM S54-5

IFM S55-5

IFM S56-5

IFM S57-5

IFM S58-5

IFM S59-5

IFM S61-5

IFM S62-5

IFM S64-5

IFM S65-5

IFM S66-5

NAFCO 107000104

NAFCO 108000104

NAFCO 158000104

NAFCO 258000104

NAFCO 268000104

NAFCO 270000104

NAFCO 271000104

NAFCO 298000104

NAFCO 60000104

NAFCO 77000104

NAFCO 80000104

NAPA 500046

NAPA 9384

NAPA 9550

NAPA 9575

NAPA 9870

NAPA K76B065

NAPA K77B066

NAPA K78B067

Racor AFM8033

Shawndra-Sparks 320-0150K5

Shawndra-Sparks 320-0172K5

Shawndra-Sparks 320-0194K5

Shawndra-Sparks 320-0204K5

Shawndra-Sparks 320-0221K5

Sidco 451-0800

Sidco 451-1606

Sidco 451-2820

Sidco 451-2830

Sunshine 10034K5

Sunshine 10037K5

Sunshine 10038K5

Sunshine 10040K5

Sunshine 10041K5

Sunshine 10050K5

Sunshine 10051K5

Sunshine 10052K5

Sunshine 10053K5

Sunshine 10054K5

Sunshine 10055K5

Sunshine 10056K5

Sunshine 10057K5

Sunshine 10066K5

Sunshine 10179K5

Sunshine 10233K5

Sunshine 10263K5

Sunshine 10270K5

Sunshine 10272K5

Sunshine 10286K5

Volvo Penta 3836478

Walker 1000880

Walker 1001024

Walker 40-1010

Walker 40-1022

Walker 40-1044

Walker 40-1058

Walker 40-1195

Walker 40-2011

Walker 40-2016

Walker 40-2018

Walker 41-1022

Walker CD197

Wix 49384

Wix 49550

Wix 49575

Wix 49870

Wix K76B065

Wix K77B066

Wix K78B067

Wix WA10046

Wix WA10136