Sofima Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Sofima Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Find your Sofima replacement filter…easy.

Sona Filtration offers high-quality replacements for many of today’s major brands like the cross-reference below for Sofima hydraulic filter elements, Sofima spin-on filters, Sofima return line filters, Sofima pressure filters, and Sofima high-flow elements, to name a few.   Our filters are engineered from state-of-the-art components and media that are tested to ISO 16889 and offer an economical alternative to the Sofima line of filters.  SONA makes it easy to eliminate downtime by offering thousands of filters for fast shipment from inventory. The cross-reference below shows many of the Sofima direct interchanges we offer, but there are too many to list, so follow the easy steps below to find what you need to start saving money.

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Sofima Replacement Filter Cross-Reference
Sofima Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Sofima CA402FV1

Sofima CCA151AFC1

Sofima CCA151AFD1

Sofima CCA151AFT1

Sofima CCA151AFV1

Sofima CCA151AMN1

Sofima CCA151EFC1

Sofima CCA151EFV1

Sofima CCA151EMN1

Sofima CCA151EMS1

Sofima CCA152ACD1

Sofima CCA152ACV1

Sofima CCA152AFC1

Sofima CCA152AFD1

Sofima CCA152AFT1

Sofima CCA152ECD1

Sofima CCA152ECV1

Sofima CCA152EFC1

Sofima CCA152EFD1

Sofima CCA152EFT1

Sofima CCA152EFV1

Sofima CCA152EMN1

Sofima CCA301AC Delco1

Sofima CCA301ACV1

Sofima CCA301AFC1

Sofima CCA301AFD1

Sofima CCA301AFT1

Sofima CCA301AFV1

Sofima CCA302ACD1

Sofima CCA302ACV1

Sofima CCA302AFC1

Sofima CCA302AFC1

Sofima CCA302AFD1

Sofima CCA302AFT1

Sofima CCA302AFV1

Sofima CCH1512C1

Sofima CCH1512D1

Sofima CCH1512T1

Sofima CCH1512V1

Sofima CCH151FC1

Sofima CCH151FD1

Sofima CCH151FT1

Sofima CCH151FV1

Sofima CCH1522C1

Sofima CCH1522D1

Sofima CCH1522T1

Sofima CCH1522V1

Sofima CCH152FC1

Sofima CCH152FD1

Sofima CCH152FT1

Sofima CCH152FV1

Sofima CCH1532C1

Sofima CCH1532D1

Sofima CCH1532T1

Sofima CCH1532V1

Sofima CCH153FC1

Sofima CCH153FD1

Sofima CCH153FT1

Sofima CCH153FV1

Sofima CCH3012C1

Sofima CCH3012D1

Sofima CCH3012T1

Sofima CCH3012V1

Sofima CCH301FC1

Sofima CCH301FD1 Hydraulic

Sofima CCH301FT1

Sofima CCH301FV1

Sofima CCH3022C1

Sofima CCH3022D1

Sofima CCH3022T1

Sofima CCH3022V1

Sofima CCH302FC1

Sofima CCH302FD1

Sofima CCH302FT1

Sofima CCH302FV1

Sofima CCH8012C1

Sofima CCH8012D1

Sofima CCH8012T1

Sofima CCH8012V1

Sofima CCH801FC1

Sofima CCH801FD1

Sofima CCH801FT1

Sofima CCH801FV1

Sofima CCH8022C1

Sofima CCH8022D1

Sofima CCH8022T1

Sofima CCH8022V1

Sofima CCH802FC1

Sofima CCH802FD1 Hydraulic

Sofima CCH802FT1

Sofima CCH802FV1

Sofima CCH8032C1

Sofima CCH8032D1

Sofima CCH8032T1

Sofima CCH8032V1

Sofima CCH803FC1

Sofima CCH803FD1

Sofima CCH803FT1

Sofima CCH803FV1

Sofima CCH8042C1

Sofima CCH8042D1

Sofima CCH8042T1

Sofima CCH8042V1

Sofima CCH804FC1

Sofima CCH804FD1

Sofima CCH804FT1

Sofima CCH804FV1

Sofima CH151FC11

Sofima CH151FC21

Sofima CH151FD11

Sofima CH151FD21

Sofima CH151FT11

Sofima CH151FT21

Sofima CH151FV11

Sofima CH151FV21

Sofima CH152FC11

Sofima CH152FC21

Sofima CH152FD11

Sofima CH152FD21

Sofima CH152FT11

Sofima CH152FT21

Sofima CH152FV11

Sofima CH152FV21

Sofima CH153FC11

Sofima CH153FC21

Sofima CH153FD11

Sofima CH153FD21

Sofima CH153FT11

Sofima CH153FT21

Sofima CH153FV11

Sofima CH153FV21

Sofima CH301FC11

Sofima CH301FC21

Sofima CH301FD11 Hydraulic

Sofima CH301FD21

Sofima CH301FT11

Sofima CH301FT21

Sofima CH301FV11

Sofima CH301FV21

Sofima CH302FC11

Sofima CH302FC21

Sofima CH302FD11

Sofima CH302FD21

Sofima CH302FT11

Sofima CH302FT21

Sofima CH302FV11

Sofima CH302FV21

Sofima CH801FC11

Sofima CH801FC21

Sofima CH801FD11

Sofima CH801FD21

Sofima CH801FT11

Sofima CH801FT21

Sofima CH801FV11

Sofima CH801FV21

Sofima CH802FC11

Sofima CH802FC21

Sofima CH802FD11 Hydraulic

Sofima CH802FD21

Sofima CH802FT11

Sofima CH802FT21

Sofima CH802FV11

Sofima CH802FV21

Sofima CH803FC11

Sofima CH803FC21

Sofima CH803FD11

Sofima CH803FD21

Sofima CH803FT11

Sofima CH803FT21

Sofima CH803FV11

Sofima CH803FV21

Sofima CH804FC11

Sofima CH804FC21

Sofima CH804FD11

Sofima CH804FD21

Sofima CH804FT11

Sofima CH804FT21

Sofima CH804FV11

Sofima CH804FV21

Sofima CLE070MN1

Sofima CRA110CD1

Sofima CRA110CV1

Sofima CRC230FC1

Sofima CRC230FD1

Sofima CRC230FV1

Sofima CRC240FD1

Sofima CRC240FV1

Sofima CRC440FD1

Sofima CRE025FD1

Sofima CRE050CD1

Sofima CRE050CV1

Sofima CRE050FD1

Sofima CRE050FV1

Sofima LE70MCV1

Sofima MSZ1010DCN

Sofima MSZ1010MCVB10 Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ1010MCVN10

Sofima MSZ1010MDCN10

Sofima MSZ1010MNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ1010MNN

Sofima MSZ2010DCN

Sofima MSZ2010MCVB10

Sofima MSZ2010MCVN10

Sofima MSZ2010MDCN10

Sofima MSZ2010MNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ2010MNN

Sofima MSZ2020DCN

Sofima MSZ2020MCVB10 Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ2020MCVN10

Sofima MSZ2020MDCN10

Sofima MSZ2020MNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ2020MNN

Sofima MSZ202BMCVB10 Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ202BMNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ3010DCN

Sofima MSZ3010MCVB10 Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ3010MCVN10

Sofima MSZ3010MDCN10

Sofima MSZ3010MNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ3010MNN

Sofima MSZ3020DCN

Sofima MSZ3020MCVB10 Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ3020MCVN10

Sofima MSZ3020MDCN10

Sofima MSZ3020MNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ3020MNN

Sofima MSZ302BMCVB10 Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ302BMNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ3030DCN

Sofima MSZ3030MCVB10 Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ3030MCVN10

Sofima MSZ3030MDCN10

Sofima MSZ3030MNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ3030MNN

Sofima MSZ4010DCN

Sofima MSZ4010MCVB10 Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ4010MCVN10

Sofima MSZ4010MDCN10

Sofima MSZ4010MNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ4010MNN

Sofima MSZ4020DCN

Sofima MSZ4020MCVB10 Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ4020MCVN10

Sofima MSZ4020MDCN10

Sofima MSZ4020MNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ4020MNN

Sofima MSZ4030DCN

Sofima MSZ4030MCVB10 Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ4030MCVN10

Sofima MSZ4030MDCN10

Sofima MSZ4030MNB Suction Strainer

Sofima MSZ4030MNN

Sofima RA110CD1

Sofima RA110CV1

Sofima RC230FC1

Sofima RC230FD1

Sofima RC230FV1

Sofima RC240FD1

Sofima RC240FV1

Sofima RC440FD1

Sofima RE25FD1

Sofima RE50CD1

Sofima RE50CV1

Sofima RE50FD1

Sofima RE50FV1

Sofima TE40FD1