Fram Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Fram Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Find your Fram replacement filter…easy.

Sona Filtration offers high-quality replacements for many of today’s major brands like the cross-reference below for Fram hydraulic filter elements, Fram spin-on filters, Fram return line filters, Fram pressure filters, and Fram high-flow elements, to name a few.   Our filters are engineered from state-of-the-art components and media that are tested to ISO 16889 and offer an economical alternative to the Fram line of filters.  SONA makes it easy to eliminate downtime by offering thousands of filters for fast shipment from inventory. The cross-reference below shows many of the Fram direct interchanges we offer, but there are too many to list, so follow the easy steps below to find what you need to start saving money.

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Fram Replacement Filter Cross-Reference
Fram Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Fram 273716

Fram 509812

Fram C1658A

Fram C1682

Fram C1682

Fram C1702

Fram C722

Fram C7258

Fram C7259

Fram C7260

Fram C7261

Fram C7262

Fram C7269

Fram C7270

Fram C7271

Fram C7272

Fram C7273

Fram C7274

Fram CH45PL

Fram FD111G03A

Fram FD111G03AV

Fram FD111G03B

Fram FD111G03BV

Fram FD111G06A

Fram FD111G06AV

Fram FD111G06B

Fram FD111G10A

Fram FD111G10AV

Fram FD111G10B

Fram FD111G25A

Fram FD111G25AV

Fram FD111G25B

Fram FD111G25BV

Fram FD112G03A

Fram FD112G03AV

Fram FD112G03B

Fram FD112G03BV

Fram FD112G06A

Fram FD112G06AV

Fram FD112G06B

Fram FD112G06BV

Fram FD112G10A

Fram FD112G10AV

Fram FD112G10BV

Fram FD112G25A

Fram FD112G25AV

Fram FD112G25B

Fram FD112G25BV

Fram FD120G03A

Fram FD120G03AV

Fram FD120G03B

Fram FD120G03BV

Fram FD120G06B

Fram FD120G10B

Fram FD120G10B

Fram FD120G25B

Fram FD120G25B

Fram FD120G25BV

Fram FD120G25BV

Fram FD121G03B

Fram FD121G03BV

Fram FD121G06B

Fram FD121G06BV

Fram FD121G10B

Fram FD121G10BV

Fram FD121G25B

Fram FD121G25BV

Fram FD122G03A

Fram FD122G03B

Fram FD122G06A

Fram FD122G10A

Fram FD122G10B

Fram FD122G25A

Fram FD122G25B

Fram FD140G03A

Fram FD140G03AV

Fram FD140G03B

Fram FD140G03BV

Fram FD140G06A

Fram FD140G06AV

Fram FD140G10A

Fram FD140G10AV

Fram FD140G10B

Fram FD140G10BV

Fram FD140G25A

Fram FD140G25AV

Fram FD140G25B

Fram FD140G25BV

Fram FD141C25A

Fram FD141G03A

Fram FD141G03AV

Fram FD141G03B

Fram FD141G03BV

Fram FD141G06A

Fram FD141G06AV

Fram FD141G06B

Fram FD141G06BV

Fram FD141G10B

Fram FD141G10BV

Fram FD141G25A

Fram FD141G25AV

Fram FD141G25B

Fram FD141G25BV

Fram FD142C10A

Fram FD142C25A

Fram FD142G03A

Fram FD142G03AV

Fram FD142G03B

Fram FD142G03BV

Fram FD142G06A

Fram FD142G06AV

Fram FD142G06B

Fram FD142G06BV

Fram FD142G10A

Fram FD142G10AV

Fram FD142G10B

Fram FD142G10B

Fram FD142G10BV

Fram FD142G10BV

Fram FD142G25A

Fram FD142G25AV

Fram FD142G25B

Fram FD142G25B

Fram FD142G25BV

Fram FD142G25BV

Fram FD143C10A

Fram FD143C25A

Fram FD143G03A

Fram FD143G03AV

Fram FD143G03B

Fram FD143G03BV

Fram FD143G06A

Fram FD143G06AV

Fram FD143G10A

Fram FD143G10AV

Fram FD143G10B

Fram FD143G10B

Fram FD143G10BV

Fram FD143G10BV

Fram FD143G25A

Fram FD143G25AV

Fram FD143G25B

Fram FD143G25B

Fram FD143G25BV

Fram FD143G25BV

Fram FD170G03A

Fram FD170G03AV

Fram FD170G06A

Fram FD170G06AV

Fram FD170G10A

Fram FD170G10AV

Fram FD170G25A

Fram FD170G25AV

Fram FD171G03A

Fram FD171G03AV

Fram FD171G06A

Fram FD171G06AV

Fram FD171G10A

Fram FD171G10AV

Fram FD171G25A

Fram FD171G25AV

Fram FD172G03AV

Fram FD172G06A

Fram FD172G06AV

Fram FD172G10A

Fram FD172G10AV

Fram FD172G25A

Fram FD172G25AV

Fram FD610G03

Fram FD610G03V

Fram FD610G06

Fram FD610G06V

Fram FD610G10

Fram FD610G10V

Fram FD610G25

Fram FD610G25V

Fram FD612G03

Fram FD612G03

Fram FD612G03V

Fram FD612G03V

Fram FD612G06

Fram FD612G06V

Fram FD612G10

Fram FD612G10V

Fram FD612G25

Fram FD612G25V

Fram FD614G03

Fram FD614G03V

Fram FD614G06

Fram FD614G06V

Fram FD614G10

Fram FD614G10V

Fram FD614G25

Fram FD614G25V

Fram FD615G03

Fram FD615G03V

Fram FD615G06

Fram FD615G06V

Fram FD615G10

Fram FD615G10V

Fram FD615G25

Fram FD615G25V

Fram FD616G03

Fram FD616G03V

Fram FD616G06

Fram FD616G06V

Fram FD616G10

Fram FD616G10V

Fram FD616G25

Fram FD616G25V

Fram FD620G03

Fram FD620G03V

Fram FD620G06

Fram FD620G06V

Fram FD620G10

Fram FD620G10V

Fram FD620G25

Fram FD620G25V

Fram FD622G03

Fram FD622G03V

Fram FD622G06V

Fram FD622G10

Fram FD622G10V

Fram FD622G25

Fram FD622G25V

Fram FD624G03

Fram FD624G03V

Fram FD624G06

Fram FD624G06V

Fram FD624G10

Fram FD624G10V

Fram FD624G25

Fram FD624G25V

Fram FD650G03A

Fram FD650G03AV

Fram FD650G06A

Fram FD650G06AV

Fram FD650G10A

Fram FD650G10AV

Fram FD650G25A

Fram FD650G25AV

Fram FD651G03A

Fram FD651G03B

Fram FD651G03BV

Fram FD651G06A

Fram FD651G06AV

Fram FD651G06B

Fram FD651G06BV

Fram FD651G10A

Fram FD651G10B

Fram FD651G10BV

Fram FD651G25A

Fram FD651G25AV

Fram FD651G25B

Fram FD651G25BV

Fram FD660G03A

Fram FD660G03AV

Fram FD660G03B

Fram FD660G03BV

Fram FD660G06A

Fram FD660G06AV

Fram FD660G10A

Fram FD660G10AV

Fram FD660G10B

Fram FD660G10BV

Fram FD660G25A

Fram FD660G25AV

Fram FD660G25B

Fram FD660G25BV

Fram FD661G03A

Fram FD661G03AV

Fram FD661G03B

Fram FD661G03BV

Fram FD661G06A

Fram FD661G06AV

Fram FD661G10A

Fram FD661G10AV

Fram FD661G10B

Fram FD661G10BV

Fram FD661G25A

Fram FD661G25AV

Fram FD661G25B

Fram FD661G25BV

Fram FDHD110G03B

Fram FDHD110G03V

Fram FDHD110G05B

Fram FDHD110G05V

Fram FDHD110G10B

Fram FDHD110G10V

Fram FDHD110G20B

Fram FDHD110G20V

Fram FDHD110H03B

Fram FDHD110H03V

Fram FDHD110H05B

Fram FDHD110H05V

Fram FDHD110H10B

Fram FDHD110H10V

Fram FDHD110H20B

Fram FDHD110H20V

Fram FDHD160G03B

Fram FDHD160G03V

Fram FDHD160G05B

Fram FDHD160G05V

Fram FDHD160G10B

Fram FDHD160G10V

Fram FDHD160G20B

Fram FDHD160G20V

Fram FDHD160H03B

Fram FDHD160H03V

Fram FDHD160H05B

Fram FDHD160H05V

Fram FDHD160H10B

Fram FDHD160H10V

Fram FDHD160H20B

Fram FDHD160H20V

Fram FDHD240G03B

Fram FDHD240G03V

Fram FDHD240G10B

Fram FDHD240G10B

Fram FDHD240G10V

Fram FDHD240G10V

Fram FDHD240G20B

Fram FDHD240G20V

Fram FDHD240H03B

Fram FDHD240H03V

Fram FDHD240H05B

Fram FDHD240H05V

Fram FDHD240H10B

Fram FDHD240H10V

Fram FDHD240H20B

Fram FDHD240H20V

Fram FDHD280G03B

Fram FDHD280G05B

Fram FDHD280G10B

Fram FDHD280G10V

Fram FDHD280G20B

Fram FDHD30G03B

Fram FDHD30G03V

Fram FDHD30G05B

Fram FDHD30G05V

Fram FDHD30G10B

Fram FDHD30G10V

Fram FDHD30G20B

Fram FDHD30G20V

Fram FDHD330G03B

Fram FDHD330G03V

Fram FDHD330G05B

Fram FDHD330G05V

Fram FDHD330G10B

Fram FDHD330G10V

Fram FDHD330G20B

Fram FDHD330G20V

Fram FDHD330H03B

Fram FDHD330H03V

Fram FDHD330H05B

Fram FDHD330H05V

Fram FDHD330H10B

Fram FDHD330H10V

Fram FDHD330H20B

Fram FDHD60G03B

Fram FDHD60G03V

Fram FDHD60G05B

Fram FDHD60G10B

Fram FDHD60G10V

Fram FDHD60G20B

Fram FDHD60G20V

Fram FDHD60H03B

Fram FDHD60H03V

Fram FDHD60H05B

Fram FDHD60H05V

Fram FDHD60H10B

Fram FDHD60H10V

Fram FDHD660G03B

Fram FDHD660G03V

Fram FDHD660G05B

Fram FDHD660G05V

Fram FDHD660G10B

Fram FDHD660G10V

Fram FDHD660G20B

Fram FDHD660G20V

Fram FR430G03

Fram FR430G03V

Fram FR430G06

Fram FR430G06V

Fram FR430G10

Fram FR430G10V

Fram FR430G25

Fram FR430G25V

Fram FR432G03

Fram FR432G03V

Fram FR432G06

Fram FR432G06V

Fram FR432G10

Fram FR432G10V

Fram FR432G25

Fram FR432G25V

Fram FR434G03

Fram FR434G03V

Fram FR434G06

Fram FR434G06V

Fram FR434G10

Fram FR434G10V

Fram FR434G25

Fram FR434G25V

Fram FR440G03

Fram FR440G03V

Fram FR440G06

Fram FR440G06V

Fram FR440G10

Fram FR440G10V

Fram FR440G25

Fram FR440G25V

Fram FR442G03

Fram FR442G03V

Fram FR442G06

Fram FR442G06V

Fram FR442G10

Fram FR442G10V

Fram FR442G25

Fram FR442G25V

Fram FR444G03

Fram FR444G03V

Fram FR444G06

Fram FR444G06V

Fram FR444G10

Fram FR444G10V

Fram FR444G25

Fram FR444G25V

Fram FR446G03

Fram FR446G03V

Fram FR446G06

Fram FR446G06V

Fram FR446G10

Fram FR446G10V

Fram FR446G25

Fram FR446G25V

Fram FR450G06

Fram FR450G06V

Fram FR450G10

Fram FR450G10V

Fram FR450G25

Fram FR450G25V

Fram FR452G03

Fram FR452G03V

Fram FR452G06

Fram FR452G06V

Fram FR452G10

Fram FR452G10V

Fram FR452G25

Fram FR452G25V

Fram FR454G03

Fram FR454G03V

Fram FR454G06

Fram FR454G06V

Fram FR454G10

Fram FR454G10V

Fram FR454G25

Fram FR454G25V

Fram FR472G03

Fram FR472G06

Fram FR472G10

Fram FR472G25

Fram FR5111C10

Fram FR5111G10

Fram FRHR160G10B

Fram FRHR160N10B

Fram FRHR330G03B

Fram FRHR330G03V

Fram FRHR330G05B

Fram FRHR330G10B

Fram FRHR330G20B

Fram FRHR330N10B

Fram FRHR330N20B

Fram FXD100G10A

Fram P 3780

Fram P3961

Fram P7040

Fram P7046

Fram P7252

Fram P7252

Fram P7253

Fram P7257

Fram P7524

Fram P7531

Fram P7542

Fram P7562

Fram P8020

Fram PH3567

Fram PH47

Fram PH47

Fram PH9282