Wix Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Wix Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Find your Wix replacement filter…easy.

Sona Filtration offers high-quality replacements for many of today’s major brands like the cross-reference below for Wix hydraulic filter elements, Wix spin-on filters, Wix return line filters, Wix pressure filters, and Wix high-flow elements, to name a few.   Our filters are engineered from state-of-the-art components and media that are tested to ISO 16889 and offer an economical alternative to the Wix line of filters.  SONA makes it easy to eliminate downtime by offering thousands of filters for fast shipment from inventory. The cross-reference below shows many of the Wix direct interchanges we offer, but there are too many to list, so follow the easy steps below to find what you need to start saving money.

1. Search by OEM part number in the search bar above, or
2. Search from the links below, or
3. Send your part number to sales@sonafilter.com

Wix Replacement Filter Cross-Reference
Wix Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Wix 15661

Wix 33725

Wix 49384

Wix 49550

Wix 49575

Wix 49870

Wix 51140

Wix 51294

Wix 51295

Wix 51407

Wix 51419

Wix 51434

Wix 51463

Wix 51511

Wix 51614

Wix 51632

Wix 51632

Wix 51683

Wix 51684

Wix 51685

Wix 51686

Wix 51688

Wix 51689

Wix 51690

Wix 51693

Wix 51694

Wix 51698

Wix 51699

Wix 51709

Wix 51735

Wix 51735

Wix 51740

Wix 51756

Wix 51758

Wix 51758MP

Wix 51759

Wix 51759MP

Wix 51846

Wix 51847

Wix 51849

Wix 51860

Wix 51865

Wix 533725

Wix 551463

Wix 551614

Wix 551684

Wix 551685

Wix 551686

Wix 551689

Wix 551690

Wix 557183

Wix 557248

Wix 557364

Wix 557522

Wix 557523

Wix 557756

Wix 557811

Wix 557840

Wix 557847

Wix 557848

Wix 557849

Wix 557853

Wix 557855

Wix 557856

Wix 557857

Wix 557858

Wix 557859

Wix 557860

Wix 557861

Wix 557862

Wix 557863

Wix 557871

Wix 557872

Wix 557873

Wix 557874

Wix 557875

Wix 557886

Wix 557888

Wix 557889

Wix 57086

Wix 57126

Wix 57127

Wix 57248

Wix 57318

Wix 57319

Wix 57361

Wix 57362

Wix 57407

Wix 57415

Wix 57522

Wix 57523

Wix 57607

Wix 57639

Wix 57640

Wix 57641

Wix 57642

Wix 57645

Wix 57646

Wix 57729

Wix 57740XE

Wix 57741XE

Wix 57756

Wix 57764

Wix 57765

Wix 57766

Wix 57767

Wix 57769

Wix 57770

Wix 57771

Wix 57772

Wix 57800

Wix 57801

Wix 57811

Wix 57840

Wix 57841

Wix 57846

Wix 57847

Wix 57848

Wix 57849

Wix 57853

Wix 57854

Wix 57855

Wix 57856

Wix 57857

Wix 57858

Wix 57859

Wix 57860

Wix 57861

Wix 57862

Wix 57863

Wix 57871

Wix 57872

Wix 57873

Wix 57874

Wix 57875

Wix 57881

Wix 57883

Wix 57884

Wix 57886

Wix 57888

Wix 57889

Wix 57902

Wix A02A03G9

Wix A02A06G

Wix A02A06G9

Wix A02A10G

Wix A02A10G9

Wix A02A125T

Wix A02A125T9

Wix A02A25G

Wix A02A25G9

Wix A02A60T

Wix A03A03G

Wix A03A06G

Wix A03A10C

Wix A03A10C9

Wix A03A10G

Wix A03A10G9

Wix A03A125T

Wix A03A25C

Wix A03A25C9

Wix A06A03G

Wix A06A06G

Wix A06A10G

Wix A06A125T

Wix A06A25G

Wix A07A03G

Wix A07A06G

Wix A07A10G

Wix A07A25G

Wix A08A03G

Wix A08A06G

Wix A08A10C

Wix A08A10G

Wix A08A25G

Wix A09A03G

Wix A09A06G

Wix A09A06G

Wix A09A10C

Wix A09A10G

Wix A09A25C

Wix A09A25G

Wix D01C03FB

Wix D02B06GBV

Wix D02B10GAV

Wix D02B10GBV

Wix D02B25GAV

Wix D02B25GBV

Wix D03B03CAV

Wix D03B03GAV

Wix D03B06GAV

Wix D03B10CAV

Wix D03B10GAV

Wix D03B25CAV

Wix D03B25GAV

Wix D06B03GAV

Wix D06B06GAV

Wix D06B25GAV

Wix D07B03GAV

Wix D28B03GAV

Wix D28B10GAV

Wix D28B25GAV

Wix D32B25GAV

Wix D34B03GV

Wix D34B03HV

Wix D34B10GV

Wix D34B10HV

Wix D34B20GV

Wix D34B20HV

Wix D36B03HV

Wix D36B05HV

Wix D36B10HV

Wix D36B20HV

Wix D37B03GV

Wix D37B03HV

Wix D37B05GV

Wix D37B05HV

Wix D37B10GV

Wix D37B10HV

Wix D37B20GV

Wix D37B20HV

Wix D37B50BV

Wix D37B50SV

Wix D38B03GV

Wix D38B03HV

Wix D38B05GV

Wix D38B10GV

Wix D38B20GV

Wix D38B25SV

Wix D39B03GV

Wix D39B05GV

Wix D39B10GV

Wix D39B20GV

Wix D40B03GV

Wix D40B05GV

Wix D40B10GV

Wix D41A03GAV

Wix D41A03GBV

Wix D41A06GAV

Wix D41A06GBV

Wix D41A10GAV

Wix D41A10GBV

Wix D41A25GAV

Wix D41A25GBV

Wix D41B03GV

Wix D41B03HV

Wix D41B05GV

Wix D41B05HV

Wix D41B10GV

Wix D41B20GV

Wix D41B20HV

Wix D42A03GBV

Wix D42A06GBV

Wix D42A10GBV

Wix D42A25GBV

Wix D42B03GV

Wix D42B05GV

Wix D42B10GV

Wix D42B20GV

Wix D43A03GAV

Wix D43A03GBV

Wix D43A06GBV

Wix D43A10GBV

Wix D43A25GAV

Wix D43A25GBV

Wix D43B03GV

Wix D43B03HV

Wix D43B05GV

Wix D43B05HV

Wix D43B10GV

Wix D43B10HV

Wix D43B20GV

Wix D43B20HV

Wix D44A06GBV

Wix D44A10GBV

Wix D44A25GBV

Wix D44C05GV

Wix D44C25BV

Wix D45A06GBV

Wix D45A10GBV

Wix D45A25GBV

Wix D45B03GV

Wix D45B03HV

Wix D45B05GV

Wix D45B05HV

Wix D45B10GV

Wix D45B10HV

Wix D45B20GV

Wix D45B20HV

Wix D46A03GAV

Wix D46A06GAV

Wix D46A06GBV

Wix D46A10GAV

Wix D46A10GBV

Wix D46A25GAV

Wix D46A25GBV

Wix D50B20FV

Wix D51A03GBV

Wix D51A06GBV

Wix D51A10GBV

Wix D51A25GBV

Wix D52A03GAV

Wix D52A03GBV

Wix D52A06GAV

Wix D52A06GBV

Wix D52A10GBV

Wix D52A25GAV

Wix D52A25GBV

Wix D53A03GBV

Wix D53A06GBV

Wix D53A10GBV

Wix D53A25GBV

Wix D54A06GBV

Wix D54A10GBV

Wix D54A25GAV

Wix D54A25GBV

Wix D55B20FV

Wix D57B20FV

Wix D57E03GAV

Wix D57E06GAV

Wix D57E100TAV

Wix D57E10GAV

Wix D57E25GAV

Wix D57E25TAV

Wix D59E10GAV

Wix D61A03GAV

Wix D61A06GAV

Wix D61A10GAV

Wix D61A25GAV

Wix D61B03EB

Wix D61B05EB

Wix D61B10EB

Wix D61B20EB

Wix D62A03GAV

Wix D62A06GAV

Wix D62A10GAV

Wix D62A25GAV

Wix D62B03EB

Wix D62B05EB

Wix D62B10EB

Wix D62B20EB

Wix D63A03GAV

Wix D63A06GAV

Wix D63A10GAV

Wix D63A25GAV

Wix D66A03GAV

Wix D66A06GAV

Wix D66A10GAV

Wix D66A25GAV

Wix D67A03GAV

Wix D67A06GAV

Wix D67A10GAV

Wix D67A25GAV

Wix D68A03GAV

Wix D68A06GAV

Wix D68A10GAV

Wix D68A25GAV

Wix D69A03GAV

Wix D69A25GAV

Wix D70E05GV

Wix D72A125T

Wix D76E03GAV

Wix D76E03GBV

Wix D76E06GAV

Wix D80E05HV

Wix D80E10HV

Wix D80E20HV

Wix D81E10HV

Wix D82E03GV

Wix D82E03HV

Wix D82E05GV

Wix D82E05HV

Wix D82E10GV

Wix D82E10HV

Wix D82E20GV

Wix D82E20HV

Wix D84A06GV

Wix D84A25GV

Wix D85A03GV

Wix D85A06GV

Wix D85A10GV

Wix D85A25GV

Wix D86A03GV

Wix D86A06GV

Wix D86A25GV

Wix D87A03GV

Wix D87A06GV

Wix D87A10GV

Wix D87A25GV

Wix D88A03GV

Wix D88A06GV

Wix D88A10GV

Wix D88A25GV

Wix D89A25GV

Wix D90A03GV

Wix D90A06GV

Wix D90A10GV

Wix D90A25GV

Wix D91A03GV

Wix D91A06GV

Wix D91A10GV

Wix D91A25GV

Wix D93A03GV

Wix D93A10GV

Wix D93A25GV

Wix D94A03GV

Wix D94A06GV

Wix D94A10GV

Wix D94A25GV

Wix D96A03GAV

Wix D96A03GBV

Wix D96A06GBV

Wix D96A10GAV

Wix D96A10GBV

Wix D96A25GBV

Wix D97A01GAV

Wix D97A03GAV

Wix D97A06GAV

Wix D97A10GAV

Wix D97A25GAV

Wix D98A03GBV

Wix D98A06GAV

Wix D98A06GBV

Wix D98A10GAV

Wix D98A10GBV

Wix D98A25GBV

Wix D99A03GBV

Wix D99A06GAV

Wix D99A06GBV

Wix D99A10GAV

Wix D99A10GBV

Wix D99A25GAV

Wix D99A25GBV

Wix F00C125B7TB Suction Strainer

Wix F00C125N7T

Wix F00C250N7T

Wix F00C60N7T

Wix F01C125N8T

Wix F01C250N8T

Wix F01C60N8T

Wix F02C125B8T Suction Strainer

Wix F02C125N7T

Wix F02C125N8T

Wix F02C250N7T

Wix F02C250N8T

Wix F02C60N7T

Wix F02C60N8T

Wix F03C125B9T Suction Strainer

Wix F03C125N9T

Wix F03C250N9T

Wix F03C60N9T

Wix F04C125B10T Suction Strainer

Wix F04C125N10T

Wix F04C250N10T

Wix F04C60N10T

Wix F95B125N2T

Wix F95B250N2T

Wix F95B60N2T

Wix F96B125B3T Suction Strainer

Wix F96B125N3T

Wix F96B250N3T

Wix F96B60N3T

Wix F97B125B4T Suction Strainer

Wix F97B125B5TB Suction Strainer

Wix F97B125N4T

Wix F97B250N4T

Wix F97B60N4T

Wix F98B125N5T

Wix F98B250N5T

Wix F99B125B7T Suction Strainer

Wix F99B125N5T

Wix F99B125N7T

Wix F99B250N5T

Wix F99B250N7T

Wix F99B60N5T

Wix F99B60N7T

Wix FH4997

Wix FH4997

Wix K76B065

Wix K77B066

Wix K78B067

Wix R09D03G

Wix R09D06G

Wix R09D10G

Wix R09D25G

Wix R10D25G

Wix R18C10GB

Wix R20C10CB

Wix R20C10GB

Wix R20C25CB

Wix R20C25GB

Wix R27D10G

Wix R27F10C

Wix R38D03GV

Wix R38D05GV

Wix R38D10GV

Wix R38D20GV

Wix R40D10GV

Wix R44D10GV

Wix R45D03GV

Wix R45D05GV

Wix R45D10GV

Wix R45D20GV

Wix R46D03DV

Wix R46D03GV

Wix R46D05DV

Wix R46D05GV2

Wix R46D10GV2

Wix R46D10NV

Wix R46D20GV2

Wix R46D20GV3

Wix R47C03C

Wix R47C03GP

Wix R47C05CWP

Wix R47C06GP

Wix R47C10C

Wix R47C10CW

Wix R47C10GP

Wix R47C15C

Wix R47C25C

Wix R47C25CWP

Wix R47C25GP

Wix R47F10G

Wix R48C03GP

Wix R48C06GP

Wix R48C10GP

Wix R48C25GP

Wix R50C10C

Wix R51D03G

Wix R51D03GV

Wix R51D05GV

Wix R51D10GV

Wix R51D20GV

Wix R53C03GV

Wix R53C06GV

Wix R53C10GV

Wix R53D50BV

Wix R54C01GV

Wix R54C03GV

Wix R54C06GV

Wix R54C10GV

Wix R54C25GV

Wix R54D03EV5

Wix R54D05EV

Wix R54D05EV5

Wix R54D10EV

Wix R54D10EV5

Wix R54D20EV

Wix R54D20EV5

Wix R55C01GV

Wix R55C03GV

Wix R55C06GV

Wix R55C10GV

Wix R55C25GV

Wix R55D10EV

Wix R56C01GV

Wix R56C03GV

Wix R56C06GV

Wix R56C10GV

Wix R56C25GV

Wix R57C01GV

Wix R57C03GV

Wix R57C06GV

Wix R57C10GV

Wix R57C25GV

Wix R58C01GV

Wix R58C03GV

Wix R58C06GV

Wix R58C10GV

Wix R58C25GV

Wix R59C01GV

Wix R59C03GV

Wix R59C06GV

Wix R59C10GV

Wix R59C25GV

Wix R61C03GV

Wix R61C06GV

Wix R61C10GV

Wix R61C25GV

Wix R62C01GV

Wix R62C10GV

Wix R62C25GV

Wix R62D10EV

Wix R63C01GV

Wix R63C03GV

Wix R63C06GV

Wix R63C10GV

Wix R63C25GV

Wix R64C03GV

Wix R64C06GV

Wix R64C10GV

Wix R64C25GV

Wix R64E03GV

Wix R64E06GV

Wix R64E10GV

Wix R64E25GV

Wix R65C03GV

Wix R65C06GV

Wix R65C10GV

Wix R65C25GV

Wix R66C03GV

Wix R66C06GV

Wix R66C10GV

Wix R66C25GV

Wix R67C03GV

Wix R67C06GV

Wix R67C10GV

Wix R67C25GV

Wix R67E03GV

Wix R67E06GV

Wix R67E10GV

Wix R68C03GV

Wix R68C06GV

Wix R68C10GV

Wix R68C25GV

Wix R68E03GV

Wix R69C03GV

Wix R69C06GV

Wix R69C10GV

Wix R69C25GV

Wix R69E03GV

Wix R69E06GV

Wix R69E10GV

Wix R69E25GV

Wix R70C03GV

Wix R70C06GV

Wix R70C10GV

Wix R70C25GV

Wix R71C01GV

Wix R71C03GV

Wix R71C06GV

Wix R71C10GV

Wix R71C25GV

Wix R71E03GV

Wix R71E05GV

Wix R71E20GV

Wix R72E05GV

Wix R72E10GV

Wix R72E20GV

Wix R73C10GV

Wix R74C01GV

Wix R74C03GV

Wix R74C06GV

Wix R74C10GV

Wix R74C25GV

Wix R75C03GV

Wix R75C06GV

Wix R75C10GV

Wix R75C25GV

Wix R76C01GV

Wix R76C03GV

Wix R76C06GV

Wix R76C10GV

Wix R76C25GV

Wix R77C01GV

Wix R77C03GV

Wix R77C06GV

Wix R77C10GV

Wix R77C25GV

Wix R78C01GV

Wix R78C03GV

Wix R78C03GV

Wix R78C06GV

Wix R78C06GV

Wix R78C10GV

Wix R78C10GV

Wix R78C25GV

Wix R78C25GV

Wix R83E01GV

Wix R83E03GV

Wix R83E06GV

Wix R83E10GV

Wix R83E25GV

Wix R88C10GV

Wix R94C10CV

Wix R94C25CV

Wix W01AG537

Wix W02B852

Wix WA10046

Wix WA10136

Wix WF10075 Marine