Stauff Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Stauff Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Find your Stauff replacement filter…easy.

Sona Filtration offers high-quality replacements for many of today’s major brands like the cross-reference below for Stauff hydraulic filter elements, Stauff spin-on filters, Stauff return line filters, Stauff pressure filters, and Stauff high-flow elements, to name a few.   Our filters are engineered from state-of-the-art components and media that are tested to ISO 16889 and offer an economical alternative to the Stauff line of filters.  SONA makes it easy to eliminate downtime by offering thousands of filters for fast shipment from inventory. The cross-reference below shows many of the Stauff direct interchanges we offer, but there are too many to list, so follow the easy steps below to find what you need to start saving money.

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Stauff Replacement Filter Cross-Reference
Stauff Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Stauff NL100B25B

Stauff NL100E03B

Stauff NL100E03V

Stauff NL100E06B

Stauff NL100E06V

Stauff NL100E10B

Stauff NL100E10V

Stauff NL100E25B

Stauff NL100E25V

Stauff NL250E10B

Stauff NL250E10V

Stauff NR250E03B

Stauff NR250E03V

Stauff NR250E06B

Stauff NR250E06V

Stauff NR250E10B

Stauff NR250E10V

Stauff NR400E03B

Stauff NR400E03V

Stauff NR630E03B

Stauff NR630E03V

Stauff NR630E06B

Stauff NR630E06V

Stauff NR630E10B

Stauff NR630E10V

Stauff NR630E25B

Stauff NR630E25V

Stauff RE030G03B

Stauff RE030G03V

Stauff RE030G05B

Stauff RE030G05V

Stauff RE030G10B

Stauff RE030G10V

Stauff RE030G20B

Stauff RE030G20V

Stauff RE045G10B

Stauff RE045G10V

Stauff RE090D03B

Stauff RE090D03V

Stauff RE090D05B

Stauff RE090D05V

Stauff RE090G03B

Stauff RE090G03V

Stauff RE090G05B

Stauff RE090G05V

Stauff RE090G10B

Stauff RE090G10V

Stauff RE090G20B

Stauff RE090G20V

Stauff RE090N10B

Stauff RE090N10V

Stauff RE250B40B

Stauff RE300G03B

Stauff RE300G03V

Stauff RE300G05B

Stauff RE300G05V

Stauff RE300G20B

Stauff RE300G20V

Stauff RE600G10B

Stauff RE600G10V

Stauff RP010E03B

Stauff RP010E03V

Stauff RP010E05B

Stauff RP010E05V

Stauff RP010E10B

Stauff RP010E10V

Stauff RP010E20B

Stauff RP010E20V

Stauff RP020E03B

Stauff RP020E03V

Stauff RP020E05B

Stauff RP020E05V

Stauff RP020E10B

Stauff RP020E10V

Stauff RP020E20B

Stauff RP020E20V

Stauff RP024E03B

Stauff RP024E03V

Stauff RP024E05B

Stauff RP024E05V

Stauff RP024E10B

Stauff RP024E10V

Stauff RP024E20B

Stauff RP024E20V

Stauff RP030E03B

Stauff RP030E03V

Stauff RP030E05B

Stauff RP030E05V

Stauff RP030E10B

Stauff RP030E10V

Stauff RP030E20B

Stauff RP030E20V

Stauff RP050E03B

Stauff RP050E03V

Stauff RP050E05B

Stauff RP050E05V

Stauff RP050E10B

Stauff RP050E10V

Stauff RP050E20B

Stauff RP050E20V

Stauff RP075E03B

Stauff RP075E03V

Stauff RP075E05B

Stauff RP075E05V

Stauff RP075E10B

Stauff RP075E10V

Stauff RP075E20B

Stauff RP075E20V

Stauff RP080E03B

Stauff RP080E03V

Stauff RP080E05B

Stauff RP080E05V

Stauff RP080E10B

Stauff RP080E10V

Stauff RP080E20B

Stauff RP080E20V

Stauff RP085E03B

Stauff RP085E03V

Stauff RP085E05B

Stauff RP085E05V

Stauff RP085E10B

Stauff RP085E10V

Stauff RP085E20B

Stauff RP085E20V

Stauff RP090E03B

Stauff RP090E03V

Stauff RP090E05B

Stauff RP090E05V

Stauff RP090E10B

Stauff RP090E10V

Stauff RP090E20B

Stauff RP090E20V

Stauff RP095E03B

Stauff RP095E03V

Stauff RP095E05B

Stauff RP095E05V

Stauff RP095E10B

Stauff RP095E10V

Stauff RP095E20B

Stauff RP095E20V

Stauff RP100E03B

Stauff RP100E03V

Stauff RP100E05B

Stauff RP100E05V

Stauff RP100E10B

Stauff RP100E10V

Stauff RP100E20B

Stauff RP100E20V

Stauff RP115E03B

Stauff RP115E03V

Stauff RP115E05B

Stauff RP115E05V

Stauff RP115E10B

Stauff RP115E10V

Stauff RP115E20B

Stauff RP115E20V

Stauff RP145E03B

Stauff RP145E03V

Stauff RP145E05B

Stauff RP145E05V

Stauff RP145E10B

Stauff RP145E10V

Stauff RP200E03B

Stauff RP200E03V

Stauff RP200E05B

Stauff RP200E05V

Stauff RP200E10B

Stauff RP200E10V

Stauff RP200E20B

Stauff RP200E20V

Stauff RP240E03B

Stauff RP240E03V

Stauff RP240E05B

Stauff RP240E05V

Stauff RP240E10B

Stauff RP240E10V

Stauff RP240E20B

Stauff RP240E20V

Stauff RP300E03B

Stauff RP300E03V

Stauff RP300E05B

Stauff RP300E05V

Stauff RP300E10B

Stauff RP300E10V

Stauff RP300E20B

Stauff RP300E20V

Stauff RTE048D03B

Stauff RTE048D03V

Stauff RTE048D10B

Stauff RTE048D10V

Stauff RTE048D25B

Stauff RTE048D25V

Stauff RTE048G03B

Stauff RTE048G03BS2

Stauff RTE048G03V

Stauff RTE048G03VS2

Stauff RTE048G10B

Stauff RTE048G10BS2

Stauff RTE048G10V

Stauff RTE048G10VS2

Stauff RTE048G25B

Stauff RTE048G25BS2

Stauff RTE048G25V

Stauff RTE048G25VS2

Stauff RTE20D10B

Stauff RTE50D10B

Stauff SA020E10B

Stauff SA020E10V

Stauff SA070E10B

Stauff SA070E10V

Stauff SDB-121

Stauff SDB-122

Stauff SE008E10B

Stauff SE008E10V

Stauff SE014B25B

Stauff SE014G03B

Stauff SE014G03V

Stauff SE014G05B

Stauff SE014G05V

Stauff SE014G10B

Stauff SE014G10V

Stauff SE014G20B

Stauff SE014G20V

Stauff SE014H03B

Stauff SE014H03V

Stauff SE014H05B

Stauff SE014H05V

Stauff SE014H10B

Stauff SE014H10V

Stauff SE014H20B

Stauff SE014H20V

Stauff SE030G03B

Stauff SE030G03V

Stauff SE030G05B

Stauff SE030G05V

Stauff SE030G10B

Stauff SE030G10V

Stauff SE030G20B

Stauff SE030G20V

Stauff SE030H03B

Stauff SE030H03V

Stauff SE030H05B

Stauff SE030H05V

Stauff SE030H10B

Stauff SE030H10V

Stauff SE030H20B

Stauff SE030H20V

Stauff SE035H03B

Stauff SE035H03V

Stauff SE035H05B

Stauff SE035H05V

Stauff SE035H10B

Stauff SE035H10V

Stauff SE035H20B

Stauff SE035H20V

Stauff SE045B40B

Stauff SE045G03B

Stauff SE045G03V

Stauff SE045G05B

Stauff SE045G05V

Stauff SE045G10B

Stauff SE045G10V

Stauff SE045G20B

Stauff SE045G20V

Stauff SE045H03B

Stauff SE045H03V

Stauff SE045H05B

Stauff SE045H05V

Stauff SE045H10B

Stauff SE045H10V

Stauff SE045H20B

Stauff SE045H20V

Stauff SE070G03B

Stauff SE070G03V

Stauff SE070G05B

Stauff SE070G05V

Stauff SE070G10B

Stauff SE070G10V

Stauff SE070G20B

Stauff SE070G20V

Stauff SE070H03B

Stauff SE070H03V

Stauff SE070H05B

Stauff SE070H05V

Stauff SE070H10B

Stauff SE070H10V

Stauff SE070H20B

Stauff SE070H20V

Stauff SE090G03B

Stauff SE090G03V

Stauff SE090G05B

Stauff SE090G05V

Stauff SE090G10B

Stauff SE090G10V

Stauff SE090G20B

Stauff SE090G20V

Stauff SE090H03B

Stauff SE090H03V

Stauff SE090H05B

Stauff SE090H05V

Stauff SE090H10B

Stauff SE090H10V

Stauff SE090H20B

Stauff SE090H20V

Stauff SE125G03B

Stauff SE125G03V

Stauff SE125G05B

Stauff SE125G05V

Stauff SE125G10B

Stauff SE125G10V

Stauff SE125G20B

Stauff SE125G20V

Stauff SE130G03B

Stauff SE130G03V

Stauff SE130G05B

Stauff SE130G05V

Stauff SE130G10B

Stauff SE130G10V

Stauff SE130G20B

Stauff SE130G20V

Stauff SE130H03B

Stauff SE130H03V

Stauff SE130H05B

Stauff SE130H05V

Stauff SE130H10B

Stauff SE130H10V

Stauff SE130H20B

Stauff SE130H20V

Stauff SE160G03B

Stauff SE160G03V

Stauff SE160G05B

Stauff SE160G05V

Stauff SE160G10B

Stauff SE160G10V

Stauff SE160G20B

Stauff SE160G20B4

Stauff SE160G20V

Stauff SE160H03B

Stauff SE160H03V

Stauff SE160H05B

Stauff SE160H05V

Stauff SE160H10B

Stauff SE160H10V

Stauff SE160H20B

Stauff SE160H20V

Stauff SF6504

Stauff SF6505

Stauff SF6511

Stauff SF6521

Stauff SF6549

Stauff SF6603

Stauff SF6604

Stauff SF6606

Stauff SF6607

Stauff SF6703MG

Stauff SF6704MG

Stauff SF6706MG

Stauff SF6707MG

Stauff SF6707MG

Stauff SF6710

Stauff SF6711

Stauff SF6711

Stauff SF6720

Stauff SF6721

Stauff SF6721

Stauff SF6726MG

Stauff SF6728MG

Stauff SF6730MG

Stauff SF6731MG

Stauff SFC3510AE

Stauff SFC35125E

Stauff SFC3560E

Stauff SFC3610AE

Stauff SFC3610E

Stauff SFC36125E

Stauff SFC3625E

Stauff SL045E03B

Stauff SL045E05B

Stauff SL045E10B

Stauff SL045E20B

Stauff SL090E03B

Stauff SL090E05B

Stauff SL090E10B

Stauff SL090E20B

Stauff SM181G10B

Stauff SM181G10V

Stauff SM182G10B

Stauff SM182G10V

Stauff SM183G10B

Stauff SM183G10V

Stauff SP010E03B

Stauff SP010E03V

Stauff SP010E05B

Stauff SP010E05V

Stauff SP010E10B

Stauff SP010E10V

Stauff SP010E20B

Stauff SP010E20V

Stauff SP010F03B

Stauff SP010F03V

Stauff SP010F05B

Stauff SP010F05V

Stauff SP010F10B

Stauff SP010F10V

Stauff SP010F20B

Stauff SP010F20V

Stauff SP020E03B

Stauff SP020E03V

Stauff SP020E05B

Stauff SP020E05V

Stauff SP020E10B

Stauff SP020E10V

Stauff SP020E20B

Stauff SP020E20V

Stauff SP020F03B

Stauff SP020F03V

Stauff SP020F05B

Stauff SP020F05V

Stauff SP020F10B

Stauff SP020F10V

Stauff SP020F20B

Stauff SP020F20V

Stauff SP024E03B

Stauff SP024E03V

Stauff SP024E05B

Stauff SP024E05V

Stauff SP024E10B Hydraulic

Stauff SP024E10V Hydraulic

Stauff SP024E20B

Stauff SP024E20V

Stauff SP024F03B

Stauff SP024F03V

Stauff SP024F05B

Stauff SP024F05V

Stauff SP024F10B

Stauff SP024F10V

Stauff SP024F20B

Stauff SP024F20V

Stauff SP030E03B

Stauff SP030E03V

Stauff SP030E05B

Stauff SP030E05V

Stauff SP030E10B

Stauff SP030E10BOBE

Stauff SP030E10V

Stauff SP030E10VOBE

Stauff SP030E20B

Stauff SP030E20V

Stauff SP030F03B

Stauff SP030F03V

Stauff SP030F05B

Stauff SP030F05V

Stauff SP030F10B

Stauff SP030F10V

Stauff SP030F20B

Stauff SP030F20V

Stauff SP035E03B

Stauff SP035E03V

Stauff SP035E05B

Stauff SP035E05V

Stauff SP035E10B

Stauff SP035E10V

Stauff SP035E20B

Stauff SP035E20V

Stauff SP035F03B

Stauff SP035F03V

Stauff SP035F20B

Stauff SP035F20V

Stauff SP045E03B

Stauff SP045E03V

Stauff SP045E05B

Stauff SP045E05V

Stauff SP045E10B

Stauff SP045E10V

Stauff SP045E20B

Stauff SP045E20V

Stauff SP045F03B

Stauff SP045F03V

Stauff SP045F05B

Stauff SP045F05V

Stauff SP045F10B

Stauff SP045F10V

Stauff SP045F20B

Stauff SP045F20V

Stauff SP070E03B

Stauff SP070E03B0BE

Stauff SP070E03V

Stauff SP070E03V0BE

Stauff SP070E05B

Stauff SP070E05V

Stauff SP070E10B Hydraulic

Stauff SP070E10B0BE

Stauff SP070E10V Hydraulic

Stauff SP070E10V0BE

Stauff SP070E20B

Stauff SP070E20B0BE

Stauff SP070E20V

Stauff SP070E20V0BE

Stauff SP070F03B

Stauff SP070F03B0BE

Stauff SP070F03V

Stauff SP070F03V0BE

Stauff SP070F10B

Stauff SP070F10B0BE

Stauff SP070F10V

Stauff SP070F10V0BE

Stauff SP070F20B

Stauff SP070F20B0BE

Stauff SP070F20V

Stauff SP070F20V0BE

Stauff SP090E03B

Stauff SP090E03V

Stauff SP090E05B

Stauff SP090E05V

Stauff SP090E10B

Stauff SP090E10V

Stauff SP090E20B

Stauff SP090E20V

Stauff SP090F03B

Stauff SP090F03V

Stauff SP090F10B

Stauff SP090F10V

Stauff SP090F20B

Stauff SP090F20V

Stauff SP095E03B

Stauff SP095E03V

Stauff SP095E05B

Stauff SP095E05V

Stauff SP095E10B

Stauff SP095E10V

Stauff SP095E20B

Stauff SP095E20V

Stauff SP100E03B

Stauff SP100E03V

Stauff SP100E05B

Stauff SP100E05V

Stauff SP100E10B

Stauff SP100E10V

Stauff SP100E20B

Stauff SP100E20V

Stauff SP110E03B

Stauff SP110E03V

Stauff SP110E05B

Stauff SP110E05V

Stauff SP110E10B

Stauff SP110E10V

Stauff SP110E20B

Stauff SP110E20V

Stauff SP120E03B

Stauff SP120E03V

Stauff SP120E05B

Stauff SP120E05V

Stauff SP120E10B

Stauff SP120E10V

Stauff SP120E20B

Stauff SP120E20V

Stauff SP130E03B

Stauff SP130E03B0BE

Stauff SP130E03V

Stauff SP130E03V0BE

Stauff SP130E05B

Stauff SP130E05V

Stauff SP130E10B

Stauff SP130E10B0BE

Stauff SP130E10V

Stauff SP130E10V0BE

Stauff SP130E20B

Stauff SP130E20B0BE

Stauff SP130E20V

Stauff SP130E20V0BE

Stauff SP130F03B

Stauff SP130F03B0BE

Stauff SP130F03V

Stauff SP130F03V0BE

Stauff SP130F10B

Stauff SP130F10B0BE

Stauff SP130F10V

Stauff SP130F10V0BE

Stauff SP130F20B

Stauff SP130F20B0BE

Stauff SP130F20V

Stauff SP130F20V0BE

Stauff SP140E03B

Stauff SP140E03V

Stauff SP140E05B

Stauff SP140E05V

Stauff SP140E10B

Stauff SP140E10V

Stauff SP140E20B

Stauff SP140E20V

Stauff SP160E03B

Stauff SP160E03V

Stauff SP160E05B

Stauff SP160E05V

Stauff SP160E10B

Stauff SP160E10V

Stauff SP160E20B

Stauff SP160E20V

Stauff SP170E03B

Stauff SP170E03V

Stauff SP170E05B

Stauff SP170E05V

Stauff SP170E10B

Stauff SP170E10V

Stauff SP170E20B

Stauff SP170E20V

Stauff SP170F03B

Stauff SP170F03V

Stauff SP170F10B

Stauff SP170F10V

Stauff SP170F20B

Stauff SP170F20V

Stauff SP180E03B

Stauff SP180E03V

Stauff SP180E05B

Stauff SP180E05V

Stauff SP180E10B

Stauff SP180E10V

Stauff SP180E20B

Stauff SP180E20V

Stauff SP200E03B

Stauff SP200E03V

Stauff SP200E05B

Stauff SP200E05V

Stauff SP200E10B

Stauff SP200E10V

Stauff SP200E20B

Stauff SP200E20V

Stauff SP250E03B

Stauff SP250E03V

Stauff SP250E05B

Stauff SP250E05V

Stauff SP250E10B

Stauff SP250E10V

Stauff SP250E20B

Stauff SP250E20V

Stauff SP250F03B

Stauff SP250F03V

Stauff SP250F20B

Stauff SP250F20V

Stauff SP300E03B

Stauff SP300E03V

Stauff SP300E05B

Stauff SP300E05V

Stauff SP300E10B

Stauff SP300E10V

Stauff SP300E20B

Stauff SP300E20V

Stauff SUSP102B32F2601250 Suction Strainer

Stauff SVDB-121-CV

Stauff SVDB-122-CV