Baldwin Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Baldwin Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Find your replacement filter…easy.

Sona Filtration offers high-quality replacements for many of today’s major brands like the cross-reference below for Baldwin hydraulic filter elements, Baldwin spin-on filters, Baldwin return line filters, Baldwin pressure filters, and Baldwin high-flow elements, to name a few.   Our filters are engineered from state-of-the-art components and media that’s tested to ISO 16889 and offer an economical alternative to the Baldwin line of filters.  SONA makes it easy to eliminate downtime by offering thousands of filters for fast shipment from inventory. The cross-reference below shows many of the Baldwin direct interchanges we offer, but there are too many to list, so follow the easy steps below to find what you need to start saving money.

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Baldwin Replacement Filter Cross-Reference
Baldwin Replacement Filter Cross-Reference

Baldwin B239

Baldwin BT287

Baldwin BT28710

Baldwin BT366-MPG

Baldwin BT38910

Baldwin BT8307MPG

Baldwin BT8307-MPG

Baldwin BT8308MPG

Baldwin BT8309MPG

Baldwin BT8310MPG

Baldwin BT8316MPG

Baldwin BT8420

Baldwin BT8428-MPG

Baldwin BT8443

Baldwin BT8473

Baldwin BT8474

Baldwin BT8501-MPG

Baldwin BT8894MPG

Baldwin BT8913-MPG

Baldwin BT9316MPG

Baldwin BT9323

Baldwin F594F

Baldwin FP18604

Baldwin FP18605

Baldwin FP18607

Baldwin H8000

Baldwin H8001

Baldwin H8002

Baldwin H8003

Baldwin H8004

Baldwin H8005

Baldwin H8006

Baldwin H8008

Baldwin H8009

Baldwin H8010

Baldwin H8011

Baldwin H8012

Baldwin H8013

Baldwin H8014

Baldwin H8015

Baldwin H8016

Baldwin H8017

Baldwin H8018

Baldwin H8019

Baldwin H8020

Baldwin H8021

Baldwin H8022

Baldwin H8023

Baldwin H8024

Baldwin H8025

Baldwin H8026

Baldwin H8027

Baldwin H8028

Baldwin H8029

Baldwin H8030

Baldwin H8032

Baldwin H8033

Baldwin H8034

Baldwin H8035

Baldwin H8036

Baldwin H8037

Baldwin H8038

Baldwin H8039

Baldwin H8040

Baldwin H8041

Baldwin H8042

Baldwin H8043

Baldwin H8044

Baldwin H8045

Baldwin H8046

Baldwin H8047

Baldwin H8048

Baldwin H8049

Baldwin H8050

Baldwin H8051

Baldwin H8052

Baldwin H8053

Baldwin H8054

Baldwin H8055

Baldwin H8056

Baldwin H8057

Baldwin H8058

Baldwin H8060

Baldwin H8061

Baldwin H8063

Baldwin H8064

Baldwin H8065

Baldwin H8066

Baldwin H8067

Baldwin H8068

Baldwin H8069

Baldwin H8070

Baldwin H8071

Baldwin H8072

Baldwin H8073

Baldwin H8074

Baldwin H8076

Baldwin H8077

Baldwin H8078

Baldwin H8079

Baldwin H8080

Baldwin H8081

Baldwin H8082

Baldwin H8083

Baldwin H8084

Baldwin H8085

Baldwin H8086

Baldwin H8087

Baldwin H8088

Baldwin H8089

Baldwin H8090

Baldwin H8091

Baldwin H8092

Baldwin H8093

Baldwin H8093

Baldwin H8094

Baldwin H8094

Baldwin H8095

Baldwin H8096

Baldwin H8097

Baldwin H8098

Baldwin H8099

Baldwin H8100

Baldwin H8101

Baldwin H8102

Baldwin H8103

Baldwin H8104

Baldwin H8105

Baldwin H8106

Baldwin H8107

Baldwin H8115

Baldwin H8116

Baldwin H8117

Baldwin H8118

Baldwin H8119

Baldwin H8119

Baldwin H8120

Baldwin H8120

Baldwin H8121

Baldwin H8122

Baldwin H9001

Baldwin H9001

Baldwin H9006

Baldwin H9007

Baldwin H9010

Baldwin H9013

Baldwin H9014

Baldwin H9018

Baldwin H9020

Baldwin H9020

Baldwin H9021

Baldwin H9024

Baldwin H9024

Baldwin H9026

Baldwin H9029

Baldwin H9036

Baldwin H9036

Baldwin H9037

Baldwin H9039

Baldwin H9039

Baldwin H9040

Baldwin H9041

Baldwin H9042

Baldwin H9043

Baldwin H9044

Baldwin H9045

Baldwin H9046

Baldwin H9047

Baldwin H9048

Baldwin H9049

Baldwin H9050

Baldwin H9051

Baldwin H9052

Baldwin H9052

Baldwin H9053

Baldwin H9054

Baldwin H9055

Baldwin H9056

Baldwin H9057

Baldwin H9058

Baldwin H9060

Baldwin H9062

Baldwin H9062

Baldwin H9069

Baldwin H9070

Baldwin H9071

Baldwin H9072

Baldwin H9073

Baldwin H9074

Baldwin H9075 Hydraulic

Baldwin H9076

Baldwin H9077

Baldwin H9078

Baldwin H9079

Baldwin H9080

Baldwin H9081

Baldwin H9082

Baldwin H9083

Baldwin H9083

Baldwin H9084

Baldwin H9084

Baldwin H9085

Baldwin H9086

Baldwin H9087

Baldwin H9092

Baldwin H9093

Baldwin H9093

Baldwin H9095

Baldwin H9096

Baldwin H9097

Baldwin H9098

Baldwin H9103

Baldwin H9107

Baldwin H9108

Baldwin H9110

Baldwin H9111

Baldwin H9112

Baldwin H9113

Baldwin H9114

Baldwin H9114

Baldwin H9123

Baldwin H9229

Baldwin H9230

Baldwin H9231

Baldwin H9233

Baldwin H9305

Baldwin P41510A

Baldwin P41525A

Baldwin P4155A

Baldwin P7268

Baldwin PF7890

Baldwin PF7890-30

Baldwin PT122-5

Baldwin PT2125

Baldwin PT317MPG

Baldwin PT318MPG

Baldwin PT319

Baldwin PT319MPG

Baldwin PT320

Baldwin PT320MPG

Baldwin PT320MPG

Baldwin PT679

Baldwin PT707HD

Baldwin PT707HD

Baldwin PT707HD10

Baldwin PT707HD10

Baldwin PT707HD3

Baldwin PT707HD3

Baldwin PT8330MPG

Baldwin PT8363

Baldwin PT8370MPG

Baldwin PT8447MPG

Baldwin PT8452

Baldwin PT8455MPG

Baldwin PT8458MPG

Baldwin PT8464

Baldwin PT8495MPG

Baldwin PT8884MPG

Baldwin PT8894MPG

Baldwin PT8895MPG Hydraulic

Baldwin PT8954MPG

Baldwin PT8955MPG

Baldwin PT8956MPG

Baldwin PT8957MPG

Baldwin PT8959MPG

Baldwin PT8960MPG

Baldwin PT8961MPG

Baldwin PT8962MPG

Baldwin PT8967MPG

Baldwin PT8973MPG

Baldwin PT8989MPG

Baldwin PT8995MPG

Baldwin PT8997MPG

Baldwin PT9149

Baldwin PT9175

Baldwin PT9181

Baldwin PT9222 Suction Strainer

Baldwin PT9223 Suction Strainer

Baldwin PT9224 Suction Strainer

Baldwin PT9225 Suction Strainer

Baldwin PT9262MPG

Baldwin PT9268

Baldwin PT9276

Baldwin PT9277 Suction Strainer

Baldwin PT9278 Suction Strainer

Baldwin PT9282MPG

Baldwin PT9297MPG

Baldwin PT9302MPG

Baldwin PT9303MPG

Baldwin PT9310MPG

Baldwin PT9330MPG

Baldwin PT9331 Suction Strainer

Baldwin PT9334MPG

Baldwin PT9337MPG

Baldwin PT9373MPG

Baldwin PT9390MPG

Baldwin PT9415MPGKIT

Baldwin PT9416MPGKIT

Baldwin PT9425MPG

Baldwin WGPS8316