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Replacement for Pall AC-B244F-2440 Hydraulic Element

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Guaranteed direct replacement for Pall AC-B244F-2440 in form, fit, and function. Made in America with ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturing for assured quality. Optimized filter media is used for fine filtration, long life, and high dirt-holding capacity.

  • 3.37″ O.D. x 2.2″ I.D. Top x 4.93″ Length overall
  • Beta 40 = 200 per ISO 16889
  • Viton(R) O-ring with maximum temperature of 250 Degrees
  • 363 PSID Collapse
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Part numbers and names are used for cross reference only. Part numbers indicated as replacements are not manufactured or affiliated with the OEM or Brand listed.

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SKU: T1500-052697

Specs & Shipping Carton Weight/Dimensions

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 4 in


I.D. Top


I.D. Bottom


Length Overall


Construction Type

Double Open End, Microglass, Stainless Steel Caps/Tube


Beta 40 = 200

Gasket Material


Wire Mesh Support?


Change-Out PSID


Max Operating Pressure

363 PSID Collapse

Max Temp

250 Degrees

Weight Each





Our Pall AC-B244F-2440 replacement hydraulic filter is a guaranteed direct replacement in form, fit, and function.

Our filter media is backed by ISO 16889 multi-pass testing and other ISO/SAE test protocols, (common test methods) and the filter is produced in an ISO Certified manufacturing facility. Why does that matter? Isn’t it good enough to use the same media as OEM filters. In a word, NO. An ISO Certified manufacturing facility is all about quality control, consistency, responsibility, and being true to the design intention. If you’re not ISO 9001 Certified, your approach to quality and consistency is all talk.

This Pall AC-B244F-2440 replacement filter is beta-rated. Not sure what that really means? Is it important? Click here to find out.

Optimized microglass media is used for fine filtration, just like the Pall AC-B244F-2440 that you’re replacing. Our Microglass uses the optimal amount of media and pleats in the element to ensure high dirt-holding capacity. The correct number and design of pleats in the element will give you the lowest initial pressure drop, meaning the filter will take longer to reach its change-out pressure drop, usually 25 PSID.

  • Beta 40 = 200, equivalent to efficiency of 99.5%, click here

This filter is compatible with the following fluids, but pressure drop will vary depending on viscosity and temperature:

  • Hydraulic Fluid and Machining Fluids, Water Glycols and Coolants
  • Diesel, Gasoline and other fuels, Lubricating Oils, Synthetic Lubricants, and Process Fluids
  • Turbine and Compressor Lube Oils … And many more fluids

Our Pall AC-B244F-2440 is indicated as a replacement and is not manufactured by or affiliated with the OEM or Brand listed. Part numbers and names are used for cross reference only. Element may vary from the image displayed on the left. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for answers to any question you may have.