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Replacement for Des Case DC-1 Desiccant Air Breather


This TTI replacement cartridge for Des Case DC-1 desiccant breather unit is a big improvement over the customary dust caps or OEM breathers on equipment.

  • 3 Micron Absolute air filter prevents solid particles from entering
  • Specially formulated silica gel averages nearly 20% more moisture holding capacity than other leading brands
  • When the silica gel is fully saturated it turns bright pink indicating change out is necessary
  • Proudly made in the USA

Direct replacement for Des Case DC-1 in form, fit, and function.

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SKU: DB200-TT1

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Width (O.D.)



3/8" Sure-Fit (NPT)

Max Airflow @1PSID


Max Moisture Retention

2.0 fl oz/60 ml


ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene, Buna

Moisture Absorbing Media

Specially formulated Silica gel

Filter Media

Polyester, Polypropylene


3 Micron Absolute

Min Temp

-20 Degress F

Max Temp

200 degrees F

Unit Weight


Carton Qty


When contaminated air enters the top of the breather, it passes through 3-micron absolute layered filter media, preventing solid particles from entering the breather and causing undue wear to your equipment surfaces. Filtered air passes through a bed of specially formulated silica gel, which removes harmful moisture from the air. The silica beads also work to attract moisture from inside the equipment reservoir during service or shut-down, keeping the equipment dry.

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