2022 Coalescer and Separator Filters

Coalescer and Separator Filters

Find your filter…easy.

Sona Filtration offers high-quality replacements for many of today’s major brands of coalescer and separator filter elements.  Our filters are engineered from state-of-the-art components and filtration media that’s tested to ISO 16889 and offer an economical solution.  SONA makes it easy to eliminate downtime by offering thousands of filters for fast shipment from inventory. 

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Separator Filters
2022 Coalescer and Separator Filters
Atlas Copco 1617-7073-01

Atlas Copco 1617-7073-03

Baldwin PF7890


Banner CP20458-O

Banner CP33655

Banner SP33605

Bowser Briggs 601157

Bowser Briggs 601164

Bowser Briggs A870

Bowser Briggs A870A

Bowser Briggs A870B


Bowser Briggs C220047

Bowser Briggs C220064

Bowser Briggs CI-3518-F2-5


Bowser Briggs CI-3520-02-5

Cummins LF03660DR

Cummins LF03662DR

Cummins MPL-3518

Donaldson P551061 Marine



Facet CCS12


Fleetguard LF03660DR

Fleetguard LF03662DR

Fleetguard MPL-3518

Fluitek C 3815-8P2

FLUITEK C 3820-3P2

Fluitek C 3820-8P2

Gulfgate CEL024

Gulfgate CEL025

Gulfgate CEL027

Gulfgate CEL030

Gulfgate CEL033

Gulfgate CEL034

Gulfgate CEL047

Gulfgate GC1635

Gulfgate GC1835

Gulfgate GC3135

Gulfgate GCI2035D

Gulfgate GCI2035J


Gulfgate GEC1835D

Gulfgate GEC3520D

Gulfgate GEC6011J

Gulfgate GEC6014J

Gulfgate GEC6022

Gulfgate GEC6022D

Gulfgate GEC6022J

Gulfgate GEC6028J

Gulfgate GES611P

Gulfgate GES614P

Ingersoll Rand 39627666

Kaydon 01M37

Kaydon 301008

Kaydon 301157

Kaydon 301164

Kaydon 301268

Kaydon 301269

Kaydon 301270

Kaydon 301400

Kaydon 49B50

Kaydon 600106

Kaydon 600114

Kaydon 600121

Kaydon 600343

Kaydon 600346

Kaydon 600388

Kaydon 601157

Kaydon 601164

Kaydon 601781

Kaydon 601783

Kaydon 608071

Kaydon 608072

Kaydon A1389A

Kaydon A1389B

Kaydon A1389C

Kaydon A1657A

Kaydon A1779A

Kaydon A1873

Kaydon A1957

Kaydon A1973

Kaydon A2063

Kaydon A2063-1

Kaydon A2063P

Kaydon A2069

Kaydon A2069A

Kaydon A2075A

Kaydon A2076

Kaydon A305

Kaydon A3057

Kaydon A3057A

Kaydon A3057B

Kaydon A870

Kaydon A870A

Kaydon A870B

Kaydon A9100033

Kaydon A9100034

Kaydon A910034

Kaydon C13518F25

Kaydon C13520025

Kaydon C16011F20

Kaydon C16011F22

Kaydon C16014F20

Kaydon C16022F20

Kaydon C16022F22

Kaydon C16028F20

Kaydon C220013

Kaydon C220014

Kaydon C220015

Kaydon C220033

Kaydon C220034

Kaydon C220040

Kaydon C220041

Kaydon C220047

Kaydon C220064

Kaydon CI3416020

Kaydon CI3416021

Kaydon CI3416022

Kaydon CI3416F20

Kaydon CI3431020

Kaydon CI3431021

Kaydon CI3431022

Kaydon CI3431026

Kaydon CI3518F21

Kaydon CI3518F25

Kaydon CI-3518-F2-5

Kaydon CI3520020

Kaydon CI3520022

Kaydon CI3520024

Kaydon CI3520025

Kaydon CI-3520-02-5

Kaydon CI6011F20

Kaydon CI6014F20

Kaydon CI6022F20

Kaydon CI6022F21

Kaydon CI6022F22

Kaydon CI6022S0

Kaydon CI6022S0

Kaydon CI6028F20

Kaydon L32N21

Kaydon L32N22

Kaydon L32N24

Kaydon L32N34

Kaydon L40N24

Kaydon L40N34

Kaydon SO6011F20

Kaydon SO6014F20

Keene 601157

Keene 601164

Keene A870

Keene A870A

Keene A870B

KEENE A910034

Keene C220047

Keene C220064

Keene CI-3518-F2-5

KEENE CI-3520-02-4

Keene CI-3520-02-5

Murphy MC-316007

Murphy MC-318064

Murphy MC-320002

Murphy MC-320004

Murphy MC-331007

Murphy MC-532261

Murphy MC-611261

Murphy MC-614261

Murphy MC-622261

Murphy MC-622261-TB

Murphy MC-622261-TB

Murphy MC-622264

Murphy MC-628261

Murphy MC-628261-TB

Murphy MS-611P62

Murphy MS-614P62

NAPA 3942

NAPA 600075 Marine

NSN 4330-00-883-0998

Nsn 4330012570871

NSN 4330-09-830-998


Parker CP20458-O

Parker Velcon CA62202

Parker Velcon CC62283

Parker Velcon CC62285

Parker Velcon I4148

Parker Velcon I4160

Parker Velcon I4184

Parker Velcon I4204

Parker Velcon I4206

Parker Velcon I4208B

Parker Velcon I4208C

Parker Velcon I4208C/B

Parker Velcon I-420MMA

Parker Velcon I4310

Parker Velcon I4316T

Parker Velcon I4316T4

Parker Velcon I4319T

Parker Velcon I6146

Parker Velcon I61483

Parker Velcon I6183

Parker Velcon I6222

Parker Velcon I6224TB

Parker Velcon I6226

Parker Velcon I6226OA

Parker Velcon I6226TB

Parker Velcon I62281

Parker Velcon I62281TB

Parker Velcon I62283TB

Parker Velcon I62285TB

Parker Velcon I62287

Parker Velcon I62287TB

Parker Velcon I6281TB

Parker Velcon I6283TB

Parker Velcon I6284TB

Parker Velcon I6286TB

Parker Velcon I62880TB

Parker Velcon I62883TB

Parker Velcon I62884TB

Parker Velcon I62887

Parker Velcon SI-522E

Parker Velcon SO611PLF

Parker Velcon SO611PLF

Parker Velcon SO611PLF1

Parker Velcon SO611PLF3

Parker Velcon SO614PLF

Parker Velcon SO614PLF1

Parker Velcon SO614PLF3

Peco Facet 045800-10

Peco Facet 045800-11

Peco Facet 045800-14

Peco Facet 045800-1C

Peco Facet 945800-11

Peco Facet CA14-8

Peco Facet CA283

Peco Facet CA283SB

Peco Facet CB28

Peco Facet CC-12

Peco Facet CCA2

Peco Facet CCA2C

Peco Facet CC-E1

Peco Facet CCE2

Peco Facet CCE2C

Peco Facet CCF11

Peco Facet CCK1

Peco Facet CCK12

Peco Facet CC-K1AF

Peco Facet CCK21

Peco Facet CC-K21A

Peco Facet CC-K21D

Peco Facet CCK21SB

Peco Facet CCK22

Peco Facet CC-K2AF

Peco Facet CCK37

Peco Facet CC-N1

Peco Facet CCN11

Peco Facet CC-N12

Peco Facet CC-N13

Peco Facet CC-N14

Peco Facet CCN15

Peco Facet CCN17

Peco Facet CCN18

Peco Facet CC-N1AF

Peco Facet CC-N22SB

Peco Facet CC-N23

Peco Facet CC-N24SB

Peco Facet CC-N25SB

Peco Facet CCN27SB

Peco Facet CCN28

Peco Facet CC-N28SB

Peco Facet CCS11

Peco Facet CCS11A

Peco Facet CCS11B

Peco Facet CC-S11C

Peco Facet CCS11E

Peco Facet CCS11E

Peco Facet CC-T5C

Peco Facet CCT6C

Peco Facet CS58

Peco Facet CS58C

Peco Facet CS58F

Peco Facet CS58F2

Peco Facet CS59

Peco Facet CS59C

Peco Facet CS59F

Peco Facet CS59F2

Peco Facet CS59FA

Peco Facet CS59HD

Peco Facet CS75-1

Peco Facet CS75-2

Peco Facet CS76

Peco Facet CS86

Peco Facet FP611FD

Peco Facet SP164NC-1

Peco Facet SP611FD

Peco Facet SP611FDC

Peco Facet ST611FD

Peco PPCHG336

Quincy 124487-013

Quincy 124487-019

Quincy 22705-1


Racor CP20458-O

Racor RK22610 Marine

Racor RK22788

Royal RCC-418-5


Royal RCC-420-5-0

Velcon I-4184

Velcon I4204


Wix WF10075 Marine